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HH034: Joe Discussing Anxiety

HH034 Joe solo

Key Takeaways

  • Anxiety is a lifelong way of thinking and conditioning of thought patterns
  • When you think a certain way your entire life you tend to always think in that way
  • The neural pathways of thoughts are a difficult thing to change. Their routes have been established over our entire life
  • Changing thought patterns takes reps. Headspace app is a great place to start
  • Fully shutting off has been the biggest struggle in trying to step out my own anxiety
  • Joseph finds that his sense of control in situations causing an extreme amount of anxiety – trying to plan out every step into the future
  • 99% of the time things don’t play out they way you plan them to in your head
  • Living in the now is the only true 100% solution to take away from anxiety
  • I used to play out every possible situation that my girlfriend could have possibly been doing
  • Anxiety can be absolutely debilitating
  • I used to walk around with the biggest ego ever
  • I hade no idea what I was meant to be. I was so far outside of what I thought I could and wanted to be
  • Joseph shares the story of hitting rock bottom in college and wanting to end his life. The drinking and drugs to suppress the anxiety tore him apart and lead him down a dark destructive path
  • It wasn’t until I met Joseph Toscano who taught me how to sit and look inward did things start to change. He taught me to allow thoughts to come and go
  • Learning how to breathe changed everything for me
  • It took a solid to years to climb completely out of the depression but anxiety is still here
  • Cannabis has been an absolute game changer
  • CBD absolutely will work for anxiety but anxiety will never fully go away

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HH 002: Alex McMahon – Evolve Nutritional Therapy

HH 002 - Alex McMahon

HH 002:

Success is what a person does MOST of the time and consistently.

Nutritional Therapy Practioner Alex McMahon discusses the most important aspects of successful dieting along with carb cycling, keto diet, common weight loss struggles,the psychology of dieting.
Alex McMahon is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and founder of Evolve Nutritional Therapy. He practices individualized nutrition in Portland Oregon helping clients achieve optimal health and lose fat using whole foods, nutritious movement and lifestyle adjustments.
To learn more visit his website at:
Key Takeaways
  • Dieting pitfalls! These can be discouraging for people and inhibiting people reaching their fitness goals. Unrealistic goals, following a diet you hate or can’t adhere to, too many changes at once are the biggest culprits.
  • Alex talks about his experience with crash dieting so that he could better relate to clients. Alex noticed a dramatic decrease in energy, a flat mood, difficulty waking, issues with recovering from workouts, becoming preoccupied with food, slowed digestion and decreased body temperature.
  • He talks about his experience here
  •  Crash dieting typically creates a yo-yo effect. Being very restrictive, not being able to sustain the strict diet and regaining all the weight only to begin another crash diet to shed the regained weight. This dieting pattern can lead to long term negative effects on health and the metabolism.
  • Restrictive eating or crash dieting can cause a large rebound after the dieting phase, but also during the day to day. Being restrictive throughout the day can lead to night binges due to not being satiated throughout the day. Sustainability is essential when considering weight loss goals in both short and long term.
  • Do not over complicate weight loss and fitness goals. The fundamentals will take you far!
  • Meal plans are not sustainable. An individual needs to learn from and be empowered by their coach, not dependent on the coach.


  • [13:30] The link between food, body image, “your why” and depression and anxiety.
  • [18:00] Alex discusses what ignited his passion for nutrition (seeing the impact on children) and trying various diets himself.
  • [26:00] food allergies and sensitivities. Eating the same foods can be beneficial for compliance, however histamines can build up in the body creating food allergies. Variety of foods can also play an important role in overall health (micronutrients) and when staying compliant to plan after a few weeks.
  • [36:00] strategies for long term, sustained weight loss. Being flexible, inclusive of foods, focusing on whole nutritious foods and setting up a structure that allows you to lean towards your preferences.