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HH056- Joe & Alex: Being Uncomfortable

“Become aware of why you’re thinking a certain way and allow yourself to stop and take 10 breaths.”

“The biggest thing getting in the way of my business was me.”

“You don’t get what you want. You get what you need.”

“People are so afraid of failure that they never get started.” – Alex

“You can think things into existence. Speak things into existence.”


Key Takeaways –  This week, Alex and Joe discuss the importance of becoming uncomfortable…and how taking big risks and putting words into action is the key to achieving positive change and redirection. Plus, you’ll hear about Alex’s personal morning routine and his thoughts on the importance of intentionality.


  • How do you change your attitude when it’s one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong or poorly?
  • Intentional meditation can be a game changer; when you find time to devote quiet time to yourself, you can help your thoughts re-align
  • Headspace – highly recommended
  • Book recommendation – Own the Day, Own Your Life
  •  If you can’t give yourself 10 minutes a day, then you don’t own your life
  • Alex McMahon’s schedule – how he schedules his entire day and his entire week, what he prioritizes
  • It is important to separate your “work” space and your “play” space (i.e. don’t work in your bed)
  • Learning our own bodies and being not so dogmatic in our ways is the key to achieving health and fitness and wellness goals
  • You can get to the same end goal as someone else, but the approach doesn’t always have to be the same. Often time the approach isn’t the same.
  • There is no one answer. That’s probably the biggest myth and the biggest problem with the health and fitness industry.
  • There is no one answer. It’s your life. Understanding who you are at the basis is the one true answer.
  • If there is someone who you emulate and who is achieving something you want, you have to realize that they are doing things that you aren’t doing to get to where they are and to where you want to be
  • Comparing can rob you of a lot of things, but comparing and be able to be real on the differences that you see between yourself and someone else and allowing yourself to feel those can be really positive and insightful
  • There’s a big difference between wanting something and needing something.
  • When you allow yourself to be in comfortable situations, your body will start to adapt. You will grow to learn that on the other side of uncomfortable-ness lays success and happiness.
  • By doing the difficult things, you earn credibility with yourself. And there’s no bigger credibility than you can earn than with yourself.
  • If there’s something in life that’s achievable, go after it and try to get it. You’ll be surprised at how often you can achieve what you go after if you try hard enough.
  • Learn some of Joe’s past about how previous endeavors have helped him achieve his current goals
  • Adapting is one of the most important goals not only as an entrepreneur but also as an individual
  • Taking action is what will set you apart from being average to being excellent (whether in health, fitness, life, etc.)
  • If you’re someone who always has nervous, negative thoughts, you’re always going to think that way. Change your thought process and you’ll change the way you act and respond.
  • “You can think things into existence. Speak things into existence.”


HH052: Adam Schafer – Mind Pump Media


“I had reached a point financially where I thought I’d be set but I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like how I looked or how I felt.”

“There’s a lot of bullshit out there. I’m gonna come out and be transparent and honest with people.”

“I’m confident but I’m not cocky.”

“I’m always pushing the limits. I wanted the shock and awe approach.”

“You’ve been sold to. You’ve been marketed to. You’ve been manipulated to buy things, so there’s certain mistakes you’re going to make because of how the industry has manipulated you.”

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Adam Schafer of Mind Pump Media is known for his raw, unfiltered approach to his commentary on health and fitness. While he does aim to push the limits, Adam ultimately wants to get people talking and challenging ideas. Hear how he built his business, stays inspired, and inspires others.


  • “We love to hate Adam.” – Learn about why Adam had this motto for quite some time
  • Learn about how MindPump came to be
  • Hear about how Taylor inspired MindPump and how his sneaker flipping business provided him with the knowledge to inspire Adam to start his own business
  • When you build an online business, it’s going to feel like you’re talking to yourself for a while (on an online community). You have to be willing to go through those times of an “empty” audience before traction happens and people start catching on.
  • Adam was able to take time off of his medical marijuana job and entered back into the world of fitness. It took about 8 or 9 months, but he reached 7% body fat.
  • []18:00 ** “Chasing followers is not the answer to building a social media business whatsoever. It’s building value to the couple people who are paying attention.”
  • Adam’s insight onto how to build a legitimate business (hint: It doesn’t involve having as many social media followers as possible)
  • Book recommendation: Irresistible by Adam Alter
  • Adam’s thoughts and opinions on how technology consumerism will move towards digital streaming.
  • Hear about podcast strategy and why they decided on taking a very raw, unfiltered approach
  • What they saw wrong about the fitness industry: division. We glorify one modality over others and put other ones down. That’s the worst thing you could do. There’s so much benefit to all of them.
  • When it came down to writing plans for exercise, there were certain things they wanted to avoid: Overuse of intensity. Everyone was trying to kill it at the gym and that wasn’t necessary.
  • []52:30 “There is a lot of things that people don’t realize when they get this success from a diet, from a program, is to learn to unpack it and point out why it worked, and it takes time….,we wanted to help connect those dots for people, and know how to figure out what’s working for your body and WHY it’s working for your body, and to not marry that one idea. “
  • []1:00:19 “What I know, when it’s all said and done, the tribe of people that we built won’t go anywhere because we have literally changed their lives.”

HH049: Drew Canole on Being Selfless

[4:00] “I was always an entrepreneur growing up. At that point, I just wanted to chase money.”

[4:30] “There was something inside of me that felt like it wasn’t fulfilled.”

[7:30] “I learned from a very young age that it wasn’t all about me.”

[9:00] “ The more I was beating the drum of health, the more I was beating the drum of being result driven with your physical transformation in your body.”

[11:00] “I think it’s about having a code of values for yourself, principles, agreements”…and not deviating from them.”

[13: 30] “Really it’s the feeling than evokes the subconscious to open up and actually start to create and materialize the desire that you have in your heart.”

[18: 10] “We are really trying to impact a person’s life that’s actually taken it in a really deep way.”

[21:00] “ I think the power is in the language that we choose,…to create a reality that we really want.”

[ 26:29] “I’m not a human-doing, I’m a human being, who do I need to be in this moment for the greatest representation of who I came here to be.”

KEY TAKEAWAY: Drew Canole started in the corporate financial world and since then has built up his own business in the health realm. His success was ignited by the desire to help people and create a positive impact in the world. Hear from Drew as he discusses the importance of pursuing what you love, being selfless, and being willing to work for your dreams.

  • Beginning of Drew’s journey – from the financial world to building a business
  • Came from a very broke childhood. Drew was one of the only kids in his high school to actually go to college.
  • One third of our lives are spent working. Make sure you choose to do something you enjoy; that’s a lot of time.
  • Drew wanted to make a positive change in his life and impact others – wanted to be able to help as many people as he could
  • Changed a whole biological shift in his body, through superfoods and organic foods
  • Transitioned from having a few clients to having more clients to building up the funds to create his own digital marketing program
  • He held his customers accountable to help them achieve a new vision for their lives
  • Organifi – Greatest Tasting Superfoods company with clinically backed ingredients
  • When you pursue what you love, you don’t have to work another day in your life.
  • Usually those types of clients (those who only want to diet or get fit because of physically appearances) don’t make it because it’s kind of superficial, so it has to be deeper than that. Why do you really want optimal health? Is it for energy for your kid one day?
  • Master the physical representation of who you are, the temple that you are walking around in and watch how it changes every other area of your life.
  • You got to be willing to the beginning, Drew was working 12 to 16 hours a day, but it wasn’t like work because he was impacting lives, he was inspiring change, he was evoking healing in a lot of people to help them become their inner guru.
  • The mind is far more powerful than what a guru would tell you you need to be balanced in.


HH047: Jason Phillips on Metabolic Rehabilitation


“Through and through it’s my passion. It’s the only thing I want to do. I want to pay it forward. I always want to help.”

“The best diet is the one that works for you.”

“Above everything else, if you can make clients self-aware, you can set them up for success.”

 “Macros are the pinnacle of education.”


Key Takeaways: Jason Phillips is known for his coaching and expertise on macros and nutrition. Hear his opinion on how you can achieve a fitness and health routine that compliments your lifestyle and individuality. Plus, hear his back story about what led him to fitness…his humble story is one you won’t want to miss!

  • Back story – a clinically diagnosed eating disorder is what led him to fitness
  • He was able to overcome that disorder because of amazing people and resources around him and he was inspired that “paying it forward” was the mission of his life
  • The fitness zealots need to step off their high horse and understand the individuality that goes into writing prescriptions, writing health and fitness protocols
  • Where we are presently is a reflection of where we’ve been in the last 10 years. If we re-wind to 2007 or 2008, that’s when paleo became really big. Cross Fit was huge. Quality control vs. quantity control.
  • “I believe we live in a more sympathetic-driven culture than we ever have.” (Sympathetic as in nervous system) We sleep less; we drink more coffee. We stress and hustle more.
  • As a client to a wellness or fitness coach, the only thing you can do as a good client is follow the instructions you’ve been given from a coach. There are some coaches who suck; it’s not the client’s fault nothing is working.
  • Jason’s coaching strategy – if a client wants Jason to take them to an extreme place for a competition / show, he will say yes only if they’ll let him reverse them out of it after the competition to leave them / their body in a better place
  • Metabolic rehabilitation vs. nervous system rehabilitation
  • If clients aren’t using what coaches teach them 30 years from now, coaches are doing a huge disservice.
  • Human physiology takes a while to recover; it’s not an overnight fix.
  • The foundation of change is “create a stressor, create an adaptation.”
  • Sleep needs to be a priority; it’s the most important aspect for recovery. In today’s society where stresses are even higher, sleep is incredibly imperative.
  • When you become self-aware, you are able to see the real driver for success, and that’s why they succeed.
  • Define yourself as someone who is bigger than vanity and who is more than how you look.
  • Definition of Higher Health – complete health on every level (physical, mental, emotional). Higher Health is a continuum of health in every level.
  • Contact:


HH036: Joe & Lauren on Social Media and Body Image


“People don’t reach out and connect like they should because you have a false sense of what’s going on with people.” – Lauren

“The art of body building — and why it can be so fun— is because you feel like a sculpture. You are in power of changing your physique through your nutrition and through your physique.” – Lauren

“There’s no problem that’s too hard in this life. Just work hard and you can do it. “ – Joe

“There are always outside factors, but at the end of the day, it was me getting in my own way.” –Lauren


Key Takeaways: In the age of technology, social media is incredibly prevalent, yet also addictive. We’re often aware of the addiction, yet have to keep using it anyway. Listen to Joe & Lauren as they discuss their thoughts on social media and how it relates to body image.


• The problem with social media is that a lot of people hate social media and are “over it” but are still addicted
• Knowledge of addiction
LEARN MORE: Check out this Huffington Post article on Biological and Psychological Reasons for Social Media Addiction. CLICK HERE.
• Texting removes the face-to-face emotion and connection that you experience when you’re in the actual presence of a human
• Social media helping in connectivity vs. social media not allowing for true connection
• The questions “How did people used to live without it” actually shows a problem with today’s society. People existed for most of existence without technology and were fine without it.
• “Visiting people” to “sit or talk” is not really a thing anymore, and that’s been a change within the last 5-6 years.
• Social media has built a lot of people’s businesses in every industry so there’s a huge plus size about spreading news.
• Balance of Love / Hate – how social media tools like “being marked safe” during in an emergency can be an incredibly positive tool
• Social Media has exacerbated mental health / divorce / infidelity over time.
LEARN MORE: Check out this Forbes article on how social media affects our mental health. CLICK HERE.
• Someone Instagram’s account is NOT them. It’s not fully them. It can’t be when the platform is meant for you to pick and choose what you post.
• Do you think people could understand who you truly are based solely on your Instagram? No.
• Often times, people post on social media for that dopamine release and to experience a “high”.
• Social media is an “image based platform”, so you can’t blame people when they judge people based on appearance
• Regardless of whether someone is smiling or not, you can tell there is more confidence behind someone when they start making healthy changes to empower themselves
• Thinking about the future and trying to control what’s going to happen either in two weeks or two years…you’re never going to be able to control that.
LEARN MORE: In a recent podcast, Rachel Chiarelli talked about the importance of being able to adapt. Check out that podcast HERE.
• Alex McMahon talked about how nutritional labels can have a leniency of a 20% error. You have to account that not everything is going to be perfect.
LEARN MORE: Check out more of Alex’s insight in his recent podcast HERE, where he discusses “Challenging Yourself”.
• Tracking macros allows you to learn about what you’re putting in your body. –Joe
• Meal plans aren’t sustainable. They’re fine for accountability, but you have to eventually learn what’s in your food.