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HH051: Joseph Sheehey – The Backstory


“I knew what I was doing was wrong and I felt like I was losing myself.”

“I saw the path of my life and I knew it wasn’t the right path but I couldn’t break free of it.”

“People saw a lot of me that they liked but they didn’t see the dark side of me.”

“I finally found me.”

“I’ve done everything wrong that you could possibly do.”

[31:30] “We’re all broken but until the time that you wake up to that, you’re never going to be living life for who you are.”

“Learning from your mistakes is the only way you’re going to get better.”

“I started making myself really uncomfortable and in the midst of that, I started to see myself thrive.”

Key Takeaways: Hear Joe’s backstory…from childhood to adulthood to becoming a business owner. You’ll hear the  ups, downs, struggles and successes. Joe embraces vulnerability and holds nothing back.



  • Grew up in the most amazing family environment anyone could have asked for
  • He had an idea of who his parents wanted him to be, but he wanted to create his own identity
  • When he was young (11 or 12), he asked neighbors to do random odd jobs so that he could afford to buy things he wanted and to create a sense of responsibility
  • Health and fitness was always and important part of Joe’s life; he played sports growing up and started lighting weights at a really young age
  • When Joe was younger, he wanted to be an astronaut. Since his Dad was a pilot, he was interested in how planes flew. Math and science were areas in which he excelled, and what inspired him to be an engineer.
  • Joe grew up in a bubble so college kind of smacked him in the face.
  • [22:00] “I found myself on a bridge, on the other side of the guard rail looking down at rocks ready to jump off and end my life.”
  • Joe was hospitalized; doctors asked what he had been taking and what he had been doing. When Joe saw how his parents and family crippled at his answers, it was heartbreaking and a moment he would never forget.
  • Struggles with anxiety and depression
  • Once Joe was able to be vulnerable to his social media audience, that’s when people started really reaching out and connecting and identifying with similar problems.
  • “Nobody ever wants to talk about their darkness. Everyone feels secluded in their problems. The truth is everybody is uniquely fucked up.” – Alex
  • It connects us more when we’re willing to talk to people about our areas of darkness and our struggles.
  • When you put your real self out there when you meet people, those relationships flourish
  • When you start living your life that’s true to yourself, everything changes.
  • You don’t know how simple words can affect people — a simple word, a simple hello, a simple smile


HH050: Alex McMahon – The Backstory


“You can view kids as this blank canvas and you have a large part in forming who they become in their life.”

“They weren’t doing these kids a service. These teachers weren’t setting a fire in these kids. They weren’t getting them moving and they weren’t getting them excited.”  

“There’s been certain moments in my life where I’ve had people who have come out to tell me the truth and push me in the right direction.”

“It takes a lot of courage to tell someone that they’re not doing something well, and say that they want better for you. That’s the truest form of love.”

“I saw the connection between hard work and getting what you want out of things.”

KEY TAKEAWAYS: This week, we welcome Alex McMahon as our new co-host! Tuen in to catch his backstory—from stories about his childhood to how he began his own business and what he’s learned along the way. Plus you’ll hear updates about both Higher Health and Cured Nutrition.

  • New Co-Host: Alex McMahon – the story of how he became the co-host
  • Exploration of knowledge – what ties Joe and Alex together. Whether it’s exploration of information or knowledge or ideas.


  • Was a pretty poor student during elementary school, mostly because of a learning disability that a teacher was able to detect. Nothing was really too interesting and he found out that he had ADHD which made him rambunctious.
  • During high school, he signed up for a Human Growth & Development course because he was told there were cute girls in the glass; in addition to that being true, this was the first class he actually enjoyed. Part of the course involved teaching preschool students, which opened him up to the world of education.
  • Once he got into college, Alex did what “everyone else did.” It was the first time there was tons of freedom, but he fell into bad habits.
  • His one class that was a game changer was a class that allowed him to essentially develop the entire preschool
  • Preschool was Alex’s segway into nutrition – so many of the kids had different food intolerances that he had to be mindful of and had to learn about
  • Tried a bunch of different food lifestyles (veganism, vegetarianism) but saw a lot of personal success in low card paleo-ism
  • Your day to day life can change drastically depending on what you put in your mouth
  • As Alex worked in both education and nutrition simultaneously, he helped advise both parents and kids about the diets that were personally best for them individually
  • He was coming into class hungover and tired, and his TA and teacher both told him that there was immense potential but that he wasn’t doing anything with it. They challenged him to rise to his potential.
  • Alex’s personal philosophy on successful preschool strategies especially in terms of challenging kids
  • “There’s a lot of lessons I learned as a preschool teacher that I use as a nutritional therapist.”
  • Alex was told: “You found what you’re passionate about. Get a few letters behind your name, go out there and work your ass off, and be successful.”
  • When he learned more about nutrition, he challenged himself to simplify all of these terms so that even a preschool student could understand it.
  • He was figuring out ways to get kids interested in foods that they were never interested in before.
  • Using Popeye as an example of finding a way for kids to eat their vegetables based on what they were interested in.
  • If you know what someone is interested in and you also know their goals, finding a way to connect those dots is effective because it means you as a trainer and nutritionist has listened to them.
  • When Alex decided to make the move to nutrition, he was both scared and excited. He had no real plan but he knew that’s what he was passionate about.
  • “There were people who were doing things better than me. Those were the people I wanted to reach out to be mentors.”
  • Examples of how Alex puts plans and dreams into action. That’s what it takes = ACTION.
  • “People want an answer yesterday. They want a change yesterday. They’re never going to change their lives if they continue to live that way.”
  • “You often realize how much you actually DON’T know.”
  • It’s not just about having the information. It’s about the application of that information. That’s Alex’s main goal: being able to help as many people as possible and create a large reach.
  • “We have two ears and one mouth. Listen more, talk less.”
  • You can learn a lot much more than by asking better questions. Stop pushing your agenda on other people, but be willing to listen and ask questions.



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HH048: Joseph Sheehey on Resisting Change


“I am really starting to see a huge desire and want for people to understand how you can just quit a job and do a 180 in your life and start doing something completely different.”

“Each day we wake up and it’s a new opportunity to progress and achieve whatever is thrown our way.”

“It wasn’t that I wanted a change in engineering. It was more than I wanted a desire to change my entire life.”   

“Being a control freak, when things don’t go as planned, I had such resistance to all of this change of what was going on and I started to get depressed.”

 “For me, my depression was the most extensive learning experience for me.”

“A lot of life is resistance to the true self. Allow yourself to become your best version.”

“The more that you try to plan, the less satisfied you are going to be.”

“If we had spent months and months actually following our business plan, we would probably be still putting that plan together.”

 “If you don’t just live and enjoy the present moment, you can look back on everything you’ve gone through and you can be extremely disappointed.”


SUMMARY: The best things in life don’t usually happen overnight and Higher Health Media’s Founder, Joseph Sheehey, can surely attest to that. Hear about some of his challenges from the last year as well as what he’s learned about change and resistance.

-Joe gives background on moving and his recent physical transitions

-Synopsis on his last year in entrepreneurship

-What does resistance to change look like?

-For Joe, resistance looked like living to a defined plan.

-Taking risks and moving new places can sometimes result in being alone (at least at first). When you move somewhere where you know no one, you have to take initiative.

-How Cured Nutrition became an idea and then a side hustle and then a fully operating business

-There’s a truth out there and it’s in yourself. There’s a voice in your head that speaks to what you want, to who you want to be and to who you really are.

-A lot of people fall victim to the battles that you can have in your head.

-Everyone is here on Earth trying to figure out what their purpose really is and what they should be doing with their life.

-Business plans = whether you’ve gone through school or business courses, you always hear about how important a business plan is. What you don’t often hear is how rarely the initial business plan is actually followed.

-How social media forces you to succumb to comparison

-Make your morning routine about yourself. Don’t log onto social media. Instead, learn to recognize thought patterns and do things in the morning that make you your best version of yourself.

-You will never ever find someone who is 100% like you so listen to who you are.

HH046: Kyler Jackson on Being All In


“I noticed I wasn’t able to give 100% of my clients anymore. It was a business where I needed to invest in all aspect of their lives. When I couldn’t do that, I had to drop it off.”

“I’ve made a ton of mistakes by spreading myself too thin.”

“You don’t often see the progression until you’re all in and it’s do or die.” – Joe

Key Takeaways: You might know Kyler Jackson as the Spokesmodel Search Winner. But we caught up with him to learn about his thoughts and philosophies on entrepreneurship and what it truly means to be “all in.” Plus, hear some of his top secrets about succeeding as a business owner.


  • What makes your heart tick?
  • Kyler’s inspiration for joining the spokesmodel search
  • Kyler’s own personal business – clothing company
  • Sometimes the hardest challenges people face with fitness isn’t really fitness related, but it’s all these mental roadblocks.
  • Starting your own business is a beast in its own.
  • How Kyler transitioned away from “Leave me Alone” to being more inclusive. One of his biggest lessons was that he needed a better network, personally and professionally.
  • [15:30] – Surrounding ourselves with good people and being there for anyone who really needs it.
  • Kyler aims to keep competing and bodybuilding, but recognizes that it’s a sport and a hobby. He doesn’t want it to control his life.
  • It’s important to “get away” every so often – going to the gym, taking a walk, meditating listening to music, etc. Sometimes we can problem solve by stepping away from the problem.
  • [19:30] – comparison of a video game to life
  • Kyler talks about clinical depression and how he incorporates small tasks into his day to create more joy in his life.
  • Having a mindfulness routine—especially early in the morning to start your day—can be incredibly beneficial.
  • Spending time in your head is important because it helps you learn to recognize your own personal thought patterns.
  • Anxious thoughts never really go away, but you can learn how to manage it.
  • Kyler’s definition of “health” – health is happiness. Mental health is priority over everything. When you can achieve a happy mindset, that’s when you’re truly healthy.
  • To connect with Kyler:


HH044: Lauren Irick on Rythmia Life Advancement Center


“You go there to do work and it’s very intimidating.” 

“I’m not trying to run away from my darkness. I’m learning to love myself there.”

“You might not have the control, but at least you have guidance.”

“Shining the light on the darkness makes it dissipate.”

“Allowing people to just be is the most freeing thing ever. It’s incredibly powerful.”

“There are not many people in your life who love you 100% conditionally. That’s why a lot of people have a hard time to ‘just be’”.

“When we show up as our authentic selves, we create the space for others to do the same.”

“This is just the start of it. I have more work to do. It’s a lifelong process.” 

Key Takeaways: Lauren experienced a radical transformation at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. Some of the biggest things she learned? Don’t be afraid to face your fears—instead of running from the darkness, learn to love yourself there. Also, learn to “just be,” which can be one of the most freeing things you can experience.

Rythmia Life Advancement Center

  • Lauren talks about her experience with ayuahuasca – an energetic brew containing DMT
  • It’s meant to be a healing and spiritual experience
  • When you go there, you have to set an intention. Everyone is very focused.
  • Often times, you go into a situation and you don’t know what’s on the other side. You have to go into an experience and totally surrender to it. You can image what’s on the other side, but you have no idea.
  • Preparation includes abstaining from alcohol, abstaining from any sort of prescribed medication
  • The first night, there was a transformational breathing session for 40-50 minutes. The key to breathing is being centered.
  • You’re asked to meditate and honor the noble silence (no talking).
  • Each night, you set an intention.
  • The ayuahuasca is typically served three times. For some, it kicks in right away. For others, it takes a little more.
  • This medicine is much different than recreationally using psychedelics. It’s closely monitored plus each night there is meditation and setting intentions.
  • Most everyone purges in some way and that means different things for different people. Examples include crying, puking, laughing, shitting, sweating, etc.
  • Anxiety and depression comes from a result of the soul and the body separating. When you unite with your soul, you have more of a purpose and you find your true self again.
  • One of the cool things Lauren learned from her experience is that she’s very aware of when something she does isn’t authentic with her true self. It just doesn’t feel right.
  • “You feel to heal”. Negative feelings come up in order to be healed. You have to look those feelings dead on and face them.
  • A lot of people make decisions thinking about how others will respond or think of you.
  • What has Lauren learned throughout her time at Rythmia and what are some of the things she wants to focus on / implement now that she’s back in normal life