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HH058- Karlee Garland: Words of Affirmation


“A lot of people take care of their body, but do not take care of their minds.”

“Meditating is just being able to recognize your thoughts, hearing them, and releasing.”

Key Takeaways: Karlee Garland, a well-established competitor and fitness coach, talks all things mindfulness this week. Hear from her about how to create a consistent routine of self-love acts and the importance of using affirmative words.

  • Complimenting yourself seems to be the hardest thing to do.
  • It is difficult to accept compliments from others when you aren’t able to accept them from yourself.
  • Gratitude is a great way to start shifting your mental state. It is important for your self-talk to be positive and uplifting.
  • Social media has created a comparison market that consumes us all the time and it seems to be very destructive.
  • Once you are able to find peace within yourself and are able to drop all expectations of yourself, you are allowed to live freely and embrace the true you.
  • Once you are able to answer the question of who you are and not be attached to a singular label (mom, competitor, lawyer) it helps to guide in your new direction and journey.
  • It’s very easy to get stuck under a singular title and then every decision is based off that one title.
  • The more you practice mindfulness practices the more you recognize thought patterns and recognize “why do I think this way” or “why is there an external voice guiding my personal decisions.”
  • Ego dictates a lot of decisions that aren’t our actual true selves. Ego tries to help us put on a show so we can hide our real problems and concerns.
  • It’s very difficult to give yourself compassion and recognize that unusual thoughts aren’t the true you. Once you get to a point where you can recognize that, then progress is being made.
  • Once you begin to help yourself you can start to see the affects in relationships around you.
  • Many people think that self-care acts involve large spa days, when in reality being able to sit down and quiet your mind and re-center your focus is just as important.
  • Simple things like taking a hike in nature help become more present and help to realize that there is much more to life than competing and living in the gym.
  • Competing has caused many undiagnosed eating disorders because of the intense strain of knowing how many macros to eat daily and measuring out every single piece of food you intake.
  • In starting your personal health and wellness journey, it is important to understand what each food contains and how it is affecting your body. Having said that, obsessions with specific numbers and certain diets does not tend to be healthy for emotional and mental wellness.
  • Many people create deficiencies in their eating by eliminating certain food types and then coming back and trying them again. It is important for the body to recognize and process most foods because most of us can handle them.

HH057 – Steve & Taylor Dilk: Listening to Your Heart


“When all you do is compete, think about how much life you’re missing out on.” – Joe

“You can lose yourself. You start to become the person you’re trying to be and you forget the person you were before social media.” – Taylor

“Whatever gets engrained in your head by your parents is the way you can go through life.”

Key Takeaway: This week we sat down with power couple Steve and Taylor Dilk, and discussed everything from social media influence to starting businesses. Hear how and why they started on social media and their philosophy on staying humble and being real.

  • Hear about Steve’s transition away from medical school, and why he walked away from it
  • Notion that oftentimes the type of working model you see from your parent can play into your future, especially in terms of being entrepreneurial
  • It’s easy for social media to takeover
  • Be careful about the people you put on a pedestal. You never know who they really are.
  • “I know how happy we were to have nothing, and how unhappy we were when we had tons of money.”
  • At the end of the day, money and materialistic items don’t matter
  • If you’re looking to compete, you have to be in the right mindset and you need a team of supportive people to call you out when you’re being an asshole
  • You should view competing as an accomplishment – compare yourself to where you started and celebrate how far you’ve come
  • More about the clothing line Balance and how that has come about
  • A lot of companies now just want to pump out products.
  • “We wanted to design something that we’d love to wear.”
  • As young adults, you don’t often think about the big picture. You think about how much money you want to make, but you don’t think about what it’s going to cost to get there and if you’re going to enjoy it and if it aligns with what you like.
  • Who you are when you’re 30 is who you are for the rest of your life. Make the changes now so that you’re living the life you want.
  • “You kind of lose track of the runway you have left because you’ve been going through the motions for so long.”

HH056- Joe & Alex: Being Uncomfortable

“Become aware of why you’re thinking a certain way and allow yourself to stop and take 10 breaths.”

“The biggest thing getting in the way of my business was me.”

“You don’t get what you want. You get what you need.”

“People are so afraid of failure that they never get started.” – Alex

“You can think things into existence. Speak things into existence.”


Key Takeaways –  This week, Alex and Joe discuss the importance of becoming uncomfortable…and how taking big risks and putting words into action is the key to achieving positive change and redirection. Plus, you’ll hear about Alex’s personal morning routine and his thoughts on the importance of intentionality.


  • How do you change your attitude when it’s one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong or poorly?
  • Intentional meditation can be a game changer; when you find time to devote quiet time to yourself, you can help your thoughts re-align
  • Headspace – highly recommended
  • Book recommendation – Own the Day, Own Your Life
  •  If you can’t give yourself 10 minutes a day, then you don’t own your life
  • Alex McMahon’s schedule – how he schedules his entire day and his entire week, what he prioritizes
  • It is important to separate your “work” space and your “play” space (i.e. don’t work in your bed)
  • Learning our own bodies and being not so dogmatic in our ways is the key to achieving health and fitness and wellness goals
  • You can get to the same end goal as someone else, but the approach doesn’t always have to be the same. Often time the approach isn’t the same.
  • There is no one answer. That’s probably the biggest myth and the biggest problem with the health and fitness industry.
  • There is no one answer. It’s your life. Understanding who you are at the basis is the one true answer.
  • If there is someone who you emulate and who is achieving something you want, you have to realize that they are doing things that you aren’t doing to get to where they are and to where you want to be
  • Comparing can rob you of a lot of things, but comparing and be able to be real on the differences that you see between yourself and someone else and allowing yourself to feel those can be really positive and insightful
  • There’s a big difference between wanting something and needing something.
  • When you allow yourself to be in comfortable situations, your body will start to adapt. You will grow to learn that on the other side of uncomfortable-ness lays success and happiness.
  • By doing the difficult things, you earn credibility with yourself. And there’s no bigger credibility than you can earn than with yourself.
  • If there’s something in life that’s achievable, go after it and try to get it. You’ll be surprised at how often you can achieve what you go after if you try hard enough.
  • Learn some of Joe’s past about how previous endeavors have helped him achieve his current goals
  • Adapting is one of the most important goals not only as an entrepreneur but also as an individual
  • Taking action is what will set you apart from being average to being excellent (whether in health, fitness, life, etc.)
  • If you’re someone who always has nervous, negative thoughts, you’re always going to think that way. Change your thought process and you’ll change the way you act and respond.
  • “You can think things into existence. Speak things into existence.”


HH055- Matt Vincent: Pursuing Your Passion


“It’s important to have both failure and success. Failure is a far better coach than success is ever going to be.”

“If every decade of your life, you wouldn’t want to punch 10 years ago you in the face, there is a problem..I hope 45 year old me doesn’t like 35 year old me because that means I grew and changed and did things.”

“Social Media isn’t good or bad, it doesn’t have an opinion or intent, it’s on YOU and how YOU manipulate it.”

Key Takeaways: Matt Vincent, from Hate Brand Goods, is more than just an entrepreneur and athlete. In this episode, he demonstrates both his wisdom but also humility. Hear from him as he discusses his philosophy on life when it comes to pursuing your passions.

  • Be willing to adjust
  • We were sold that if you work hard enough at ANYTHING, you will be successful but it’s not that simple, there is much more that goes into it in order to be successful.
  • If being rich is your goal, go for it, there is money to be made, just don’t lose your soul and realize you are never happy.
  • Learning to love the process and journey are important. People discuss and reflect on the adventure, not necessarily just the peak.
  • It’s important for personal growth to realize that your failure isn’t someone else’s fault; accept the lesson and move on from it.
  • Realize that it’s important not to just do it for the trophy but for yourself. Competition let’s you become a better version of yourself.
  • Learn how Matt got involved in the Highland Games and how he did.
  • Started being less active, so had to learn how to properly eat because wasn’t burning as many calories as before.
  • When entering different phases of life it’s important to figure out new healthy eating and exercise habits.
  • Book suggestion = Relentless – Tim Grover
  • It’s important to not get comfortable and stay at “this is good enough and easy”. Most of the world operates like that, don’t be interested in that.
  • Part of being well rounded is willing to be open-minded.
  • Everyone wants the magic, but isn’t willing to work on the other 95% that needs help. They just want the quick fixes.
  • Just because you may never set another PR doesn’t mean you can’t work hard or put out effort.
  • The reason you keep working at it isn’t for a final trophy or ending, it’s to prolong this life and keep doing cool stuff that keeps you energized.
  • We are at a time where we can pursue our passions freely. Most people are just floating through with no substance.
  • Take some time to step back and reflect on how social media is affecting your life and what it’s taking away from you.

HH054: Janna Breslin – Finding Balance


“I needed something to keep me healthy while also keeping me accountable.”

“I was interested to find out what health was, not just on the outside, but also on the inside. Mind, body and emotional health are an all-encompassing thing that people don’t realize.”

“When you challenge yourself past a point of being comfortable, that’s where you see real progress in life.”

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Janna Breslin is known for her impressive success in the health and wellness industry as both a competitor and influencer. However, despite all hard effort and training, she discusses the importance of balance. Hear from Janna as she talks about moderation, listening to your body, and the importance of seeking balance in life.

  • Competing isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing. Competing aggravated Janna’s health issues because of the stress on her body. It’s fun and adrenaline pumping but she knew it could only be temporary.
  • What is true healthy? We are on a journey to figuring it out. There is such a façade out there that if you have abs and you are tan, then you are healthy, which is not the case.
  • Gut health is one of the most important parts to focus on because so many problems are solved once you solve gut problems.
  • Just because a certain food group is healthy does not mean that you should solely eat that one food very consistently.
  • When it comes to social media, it is important to engage with your followers because they decided to support you and focus on you. These are your people and they are here to support you on your journey.
  • Important to start dedicating quality time to quality content.
  • Janna’s account turned into a business when companies started offering so many free things to her for sponsored posts. She’s at the point now where she has turned down so so many free things because she has chosen quality companies to represent. If you accept too many you become a walking bill board.
  • We are all about supporting you, no matter what you doing, if it gets you up and moving, whether it’s CrossFit, yoga, or extreme knitting.
  • Why not throw yourself into a new situation and see how it goes…networking and personal growth are easily achieved when you throw yourself into a new situation.
  • If someone tells you no, it doesn’t matter. Take what they said and move on and grow.
  • Take advantage of opportunities, fun and live life to the absolute fullest, don’t get caught into the day to day. It’s important to not worry about being judged.
  • Those uncomfortable situations are key. A huge fear is regret.
  • Being scared holds us back so often. We are scared of being judged from the group as well as ourselves. We all have our own things, but don’t let that crush your potential.
  • Each year seems to be flying by so quickly! What have you done with my time? Has the time been good, valuable, fulfilling?
  • Embrace who you are as a person and what you want to do. Don’t live for other people or the “way you are supposed to live.”
  • Health is a balance. Working out a ton and eating healthy is great but if you over do it, it causes more stress on the body. Balance and moderation are the key to complete health.
  • There is a balance between taking care of yourself, building a business, doing whatever else you want, but of course sometimes you will need to put more energy into a certain area, but you can’t just completely neglect certain areas.