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HH063: Mark Sloan – Take a Chance


“I didn’t have a backup plan. I was all in.”

“I had to work hard, get my head down and just allow my actions and my performances to earn the right of a locker room.”

“Is this something I really want to do? Or is this something someone else expected me to do?”

“You never know who is watching.”

Key Takeaway:  This week, hear from Mark Sloan about how he took a chance and left behind a successful professional soccer career to pursue his passion. Plus, you don’t want to miss an amazing story about a stranger in a coffee shop who gave Mark an amazing gift. Check it out on this week’s episode.

  • Hear about how Mark started out in soccer and how he was able to start playing professionally at age 16
  • Soccer was a risk – he traded in education and university for soccer. Hear about how this choice affected him and how failure along the way didn’t shut him down or stop him.
  • His first big failure was when his contract was suspended at age 18, and even though it was a huge failure in that moment, it taught him so much and it made him learn more
  • He was picked up by Belgium – this was the very first time he had ever left home.
  • Hear about how there was constantly the need to juggle between locker room camaraderie and also fierce competition
  • After experiencing living and playing in Belgium, he made a confident decision to go play and live in the United States
  • “The first coach to reply to me is the first coach I’m going to go with.”
  • You never know what will stem from one conversation or one thing you said to someone. If you’re not present in the moment, you can miss so many of these opportunities.
  • “Am I doing it for myself or am I doing it for other people?”
  • Mark confidently made the decision to walk away from soccer and instead focused on a brand new path
  • Mark started Young Tribe
  • One of the scariest things Mark has to face is being an Englishman in America – visa situations are tough and he never knows what the future looks like
  • “Not knowing what the future looks like is making me live in the present more than ever.”
  • Hear Mark’s story about a stranger in a coffee shop who gave him an amazing gift
  • If you just believe something and put yourself in the moment, anything is possible


Connect with Mark:

HH062: Alex McMahon – Taking the Leap


Key Takeaways: This week Alex and Joe chatted about the importance of your mindset and how prioritizing positivity and finding likeminded friends is all part of creating a healthy mindset. Plus you’ll hear about the new leap and challenge that Alex is taking!


-When you’re surrounding yourself by people who are challenging you, the changes in your life that happen are incredible

-Alex shares that he’s moving from Portland to Denver and taking the leap in a new direction

-Look at it like a thermostat. If the people who are around you are at 90 and you’re at an 85, they’re going to raise you to their level

-“The purposeless route is more prone to addiction, and humans are no different.” – Jordan Peterson

-When you find people who are in align with their purpose, and their purpose is similar to your purpose, you connect on a different level than you would with other folks

-Everyone wants a definitive answer, but there’s no one size fits all. A more appropriate response should be “it depends.”

-Mindset is huge. The way you think about things determines how you will interpret life around you and take subsequent actions.

-One of the biggest things that causes anxiety is not being present. Anxiety arises when you think about either the past or about the future.

-Meditation is a great way to center yourself and to force yourself to be present in the here and now.

-Alex talks about what he experienced when he experienced his first anxiety attack

-When you’re not stepping out of your comfort zone, you won’t see change. Plain and simple. You’ll get caught up in what’s comfortable and you won’t be stretched.

-Your gut reaction is usually right. That’s you at your heart of hearts.

-“Are you happy?” People don’t ask that question nearly enough.

-Life is short. The amount of people who aren’t living their potential and are not happy with their life is the scariest thought to think about.

-Everyone has demons. Everyone has good and everyone has bad. Mistakes and bad thought patterns are part of us. Accept it, realize it, and then realize that you’re no different than anyone else. If you learn from mistakes and move on as a better person, then you learned from the bad things you did.


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HH061: Cody McBroom – Boom Boom


“Most people won’t stare their insecurities in the face.”

“Why not me?”


Key Takeaway: This week, we sat down with fitness and mindset enthusiast Cody McBroom and heard about his journey from the very beginning (a chubby kid in high school) to where he is now (running a successful and fulfilling online business). Hear his philosophy on mindfulness, plus his essential 4 pillars to achieving your optimum health.


  • Finding self-alignment happens when you find something to do that gets you excited in the morning and makes you feel passionate
  • Hear about Cody’s childhood – how he was the “black sheep” of the family and how he went through childhood
  • Staring your insecurities in the face is something most people never do; that’s the problem with people and their struggles
  • Lean into resistance.
  • [21:45] The inner effect will always affect the outer effects.
  • “If we don’t work on ourselves now, when will we ever be able to work on ourselves?”
  • 4 Pillars: Body, Mindset, Relationships, Business
  • [25:26] – talking about every situation that you come across in life – how should you interpret and analyze it?
  • If you’re not communicating to someone what’s going on in the inside, no one will know and won’t be able to help accordingly. People aren’t mind readers.
  • Hear about how Cody’s strategy regarding time blocks – how he approaches this in regards to social media, lack of certain types of work, etc.
  • Hear about Boom Boom Performance, and how Cody’s business morphed from a fitness passion in college into a full-time successful online business
  • Followers aren’t the end-all be-all; what’s more important in a business is having an audience that trusts you
  • 2,000 loyal followers that trust you and value your wisdom is way more valuable than 20,000 followers that don’t do anything
  • Individualization is the future of fitness.

HH060: Mike Lee – Fighting for It All


“Going through pain in and out of the ring…boxing has taught me to get through those moments in life.”

“Everybody is talented and smart. It really comes down to your mindset.”

“I knew that if I didn’t go for it, that pain of regret would always live with me.”

“I want to go to bed at night knowing that I went for it. That I put all the chips on the table.”


Key Takeaway: Hear from professional boxer Mike Lee as he talks about everything from how he got started in boxing to how he defines and implements courage to how he views life and taking risks. Plus, get special insights into his athletic routines, including what he tells himself before every fight.


  • Hear about how Mike Lee got into boxing
  • Mike Lee talks about the millimeters of change and how that makes the difference between good and great athletes
  • Mike first started fighting at 8 years old. Hear about how he grew up fighting and why he loved it so much
  • “He was proud I didn’t quit.”
  • There were tons of moments where he felt like quitting; but the fact that what he didn’t is what led to his success.
  • A lot of people don’t actually listen to themselves. They let all this “noise” from the outside of the world impact their lives.
  • “Tomorrow is promised to no one.” – How this idea from his Dad really inspired Mike to live his life and to take chances
  • Mike Lee talks about his definition of courage and what it means to truly live in the moment and take advantage of opportunities
  • Mike Lee talks about his first professional fight and how he turned his nervous energy into feeling alive and getting inspired
  • Mike’s fighting theory – he fights his best fight when he’s loose and he’s having fun (“Have fun baby, have fun.”)
  • Even though he’s 21-0 and undefeated in boxing, Mike Lee admits to still having faced defeat in various other areas of his life. Defeat keeps you humble and it teaches you things.
  • Mike Lee addresses gratitude, some of his gratitude practices, and how that’s changed his life
  • What does Mike think about during his fights that get him inspired
  • Your body is an incredible machine; people need to be educated about what’s really good to put in your body
  • Mike Lee’s stance on CBD and how it’s helped him
  • Hear about the company Mike has launched


HH059: Travis Chappell – Build Your Network


“People can get caught up in personal development and not put that information into action.” – Joe

“You always want to be the one adding at least 51% of value in each relationship you’re a part of.”

“Sometimes you gotta pay to play.”

Key Takeaways: Entrepreneur Travis Chappell speaks about his background and how entrepreneurship was always in his blood. Check out his thoughts on the importance of networking and the importance of constantly learning.

  • Travis’ background – how entrepreneurship was a combination of wanting to make money and the “inability to listen to authority”
  • How his first high school job in landscaping was an eye-opening experience into the value of selling and making deals
  • 6:30 Leveraging the power of other people’s work is all about working smarter, not harder
  • Why Travis Chappell took a break off of work and took 8-9 months off
  • “Personal development is about developing into the person you need to become in order to make the decisions you need to make.”
  • You have to alternate between learning and implement phases
  • How Travis got into the podcasting sphere and how he decided on his niche of networking
  • Networking was a big thing for him; when he looked at the year he was most successful, he credits his success to hanging out with people who were better than him and learning from them
  • “The money and the network is the cherry on top.” – How podcasting started with materialistic intentions and now has developed into something that Travis really enjoys
  • Give and Take – Adam Grant – recommended book
  • Travis Chappell’s podcast – Build Your Network podcast
  • Instead of always thinking “what can you do for me?” start thinking about “what can I do for you?”
  • Find ways to add value to people in your life.
  • Investments take time. You have to look long term and see what the future is going to look like. You can’t expect an overnight ROI.