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HH064: Aaron Alexander – Alignment


“Your body is a self-healing mechanism.” 

“The person who lives closer to their boundaries will be the one to win.”

“If you’re green, you’re growing. If you’re ripe, you’re rotting.” 

Key Takeaway: This week, we were stoked to chat with Aaron Alexander, creator of Align Therapy. We got his backstory starting from childhood through embarking on a successful career. Plus, you’ll definitely want to hear some of his philosophies on the importance of posture and alignment and how they affect overall health.

-Aaron talks about his childhood and family dynamics and how he faced adversity from early on

[5:30 ]Sometimes to get to the point of the “kink”, you have to drop the self-ego attitude

-Everything has value until it gets past the point of healthy, and that’s when things can become bad

-When you live and move in one way for a while, it becomes less and less challenging. This is true in regards to social, physical, mental habits. You’re not allowing yourself to adapt.

-You don’t always need to know where you’re going; you just need to know your edges.

-Aaron discusses the difference between being “into” fitness and being really insecure

-Even if there are a lot of insecurities, the thought of being able to put in work to transform your body, is a huge confidence booster

-You are a product of your stories and your success and failures, but you are NOT defined by your stories and your successes and your failures

-Hear about Aaron’s meditation practice and his 10-day meditation experience

-Learn about some of the anatomical and physiological benefits of meditation

-Hear about Joe’s transformative experience in Tulum and how he was able to learn about releasing stored energy

-Your body is integrated into various positions. We keep ourselves in predominantly protective positions, from an evolutionary standpoint.

-Through your posture, you are always practicing how you feel. And you can practice how you feel through your posture. It can go both ways.

-Animals in the wild physically release stress after they’re faced with dangers. That release is necessary. Humans don’t often take the time to healthily release negative emotions and process those feelings when bad things happen.

-People need to find their release. That release needs to happen.

-Most of us can’t control how we feel because we can’t break through that superficial layer of our lives

-“Your body has the capacity to heal itself if you have the wits about you to get out of the way of yourself.” – we don’t trust ourselves

-Hear Aaron’s philosophy behind Align Therapy

-Small but consistent changes are much more of a “victory” than one huge illuminating moment


Align Podcast

HH023: Lauren Irick on Macro Overages


Key Takeaways:  Join Lauren as she discusses one of the questions she receives most from her clients: What do you do when you overeat?

  • Big Question of the Episode: What do you do when you overeat?
  • “Overage” can mean different things for different people; it could mean slightly overeating (adding 20 carbs) or much more food than allowed (90 carb)
  • If you find that you overeat constantly, tell someone so that you can implement accountability (whether it’s a coach who can help you back on track or a friend who can help you be accountable)
  • If you have a nutrition coach and you’re not telling them about all the times you’re overeating, they will start worrying and it makes it much harder for them to adjust you.
  • The reason you’d hire a coach is for accountability and for someone for make strategic adjustments, so you have to have a lot of transparency with them
  • [9:30] If you have blown your macros, there’s different ways to adjust so that you can compensate (spread it out over a week)
  • Sometimes if you overeat, it could be that your body actually needed it (more applicable if you’re in prep)
  • Don’t add shame when you overeat; there’s no need to make yourself feel worse.
  • HALTS – hungry, angry, lonely, tired, sad. Be aware of what triggers your overeating.