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HH022: Acadia Webber on Living for Health


Key Takeaways:  As a nutritional and fitness coach, businesswoman and PhD student, Acadia is a busy woman. And yet, she manages to find and teach balance. Hear how she prioritizes balance, and learn from her insight on learning to let go.

  • “Health is a balance; not an extreme” – insight into how this is implemented in Acadia’s life
  • Tapping into the middle balance area instead of being consumed by the disordered eating part of the bodybuilding industry
  • Coach vs. mentor mentality – how Acadia was inspired by her own clients to help achieve better balance in her life
  • Dieting is a means to an end; it’s not a way of life. Knowing this and remembering this can help you achieve a better balance.
  • Placebo Effects – the importance of understanding the power of psychology and honing on an individual’s mindset
  • However, you also have to be careful about a person’s psychology. A lot of people who are bodybuilders are also usually susceptible to falling into disordered ways of life.
  • The “fitstagram” movement – associating health with things you can see, it’s a lot of physical progress so it’s hard to show photos that demonstrate balance
  • Acadia explains her mission statement and she got into the nutrition industry
  • Acadia’s personal techniques to implement balance, whether it’s eating properly or managing various jobs (efficiency, smaller steps, etc.)
  • The importance of being present, slowing down, and drinking enough water
  • How people view food and the benefits a trainer / nutritional coach can bring to someone who is beginning a lifestyle change
  • Sometimes balance means not needing everything to perfect, and giving yourself a little bit of flexibility and grace
  • Learning to let go; meditation isn’t about absence of negative thoughts. It’s more about recognizing you have negative thoughts and letting them pass.