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HH042 – Caryn Paolini on Finding Fulfillment


“A lot of girls think they know the ‘norm’ for how to lose weight, but it’s skewed.”

“I was working a job and my heart was not attached to it.”

“I had to step away from my full time job because I had such a negative energy towards my job that I was doing my patients a disservice.”

“Leaving something stable and pursuing something that has no guarantee is really scary, but I made that shift.”

“What people really desire is giving something to the world.” – Joe

“We need to be changing ourselves physically and emotionally in order to achieve our optimal physical health and wellbeing.”

“If you want to be successful at anything, you just have to take action. You can’t wait until you feel completely ready.” –Caryn

Key Takeaways: Caryn Paolini’s fitness journey can be described using one word: fulfillment. Hear about how she allowed fulfillment to motivate her to find her true passion in life, and hear her insight onto taking chances and risks.

  • Caryn was a competitive athlete throughout school and was usually pretty health conscious
  • When she went off to college, she gained the Freshmen 15 and then tried to combat that by taking the wrong approach (but the same approach that most women take i.e. restricting calories, spending all the time on the cardio machines, etc.)
  • Her weight fluctuated while in the midst of that process because her lifestyle wasn’t sustainable
  • After grad school, she hired a personal trainer and was learning how to properly lift weights. Finally, this allowed her to see changes in her body that she had never seen with just calorie restricting
  • Hear about Caryn’s preparation for her first competitions (Hint: She didn’t know what she was in for)
  • Caryn needed to know how to “do it right” but at the time, she didn’t know what “doing it right” meant
  • Caryn went to school for psychology but was pulled into the fitness world because that’s what truly excited her
  • “I knew it was better for my health to take matters into my own hands” – the importance of listening to your body and understanding how to read to yourself
  • One of the hardest things in life is feeling hopeless or feeling like something is out of control. A lot of people struggle with control issues.
  • “My body was looking good, but my emotional state was not where it needed to be.”
  • When Caryn started devoting more time to her online coaching business, and that gave her a sense of fulfillment that gave her confidence to pursue this passion.
  • “2017 was a big breakthrough year for me.”
  • “If something is providing me more fulfillment, I will stop in my tracks and make a change.”
  • Caryn’s goal – after 12 weeks, her clients should have all the knowledge and tools to sustain their own personal health
  • “When someone’s mindset changes, they have incredible breakthroughs in other elements of life.”
  • Caryn really emphasizes the idea of community and not having to do things alone. This feeling alone brings a lot of empowerment to women that she works with.
  • A lot of people say they want to change their lives, but Caryn requires commitment from her clients. It’s a two-way street and that’s why her program is successful.
  • “If you’re hesitant at all around taking action, you’re not going to get results. That’s not about just fitness; that’s about anything in life.”
  • “It does take 100% commitment. You can’t plan everything out but you have to start with an attitude of commitment.” – Joe

Instagram: @carynnicole

HH 011: Hana Devore on Fitness & Cannabis


Hear from Hana Devore about the perception of cannabis and how she, along with Joe and Lauren, have integrated cannabis into their health and fitness routines and seen amazing results.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the true picture of health day in and day out?
  • Hana’s experience – how long she has been using cannabis and how her thoughts regarding the plant have changed over time
  • [2:20] The importance of viewing cannabis as a medicine and not as a recreational drug
  • A stigma exists behind the cannabis industry and it has influenced the way many people think about the plant. Many people associate weed with the idea of a lazy stoner.
  • [8:20] Hana discusses how using cannabis has helped with her fitness routine
  • [10:20] Unfamiliar with cannabis? Gain a basic education on the plant, including a breakdown of the compounds found in it.
  • [17:10] – Joe’s experience with cannabis, with an emphasis on how it improves his concentration
  • [18:30] – What types of cannabis should you use for each type of physical activity? Hanah, Joe, and Lauren tell you their insight on what to pair with what activity.
  • There are a myriad of benefits from CBD. Hear some of them at 25:50.
  • In what conditions does your body look the best? What are ways for you to ensure you’re able to achieve that “happy body” state?
  • [35:00] A discussion on the perception of alcohol vs. cannabis, and how alcohol has become widely accepted by society while cannabis hasn’t
  • What does this imply for the future? Your hosts brainstorm the potential for the health and fitness industry once society has learned to move past the current stigma for cannabis.

HH 010: Joe & Lauren on Macronutrients


As fitness professionals, hosts Joe & Lauren discuss how they implement macro tracking and meal plans into their lives. Plus, they discuss the dangers of “ball parking” and how eating clean can completely transform your palette and your way of thinking.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe and Lauren discuss their personal experiences with starting to count macros and how they sustained that dedication over time
  • Macros give you more flexibility to enjoy a wider food palette
  • How do meal plans and macros work together? Can they work together?
  • Understand macros lets you learn how to look at foods and understand what’s in them
  • [8:15] Joe’s daily macro-count and how he personally measures macros
  • Tips on when to take a step a back from counting and when to crank up the tracking
  • How “ball parking” can do you wrong – when little bites add up
  • [10:00] If rice and a pop tart have the same amount of carbohydrates, are they considered the same?
  • [12:00] Eating clean can transform your palette: learning to appreciate “treats”
  • How social media has created false messages about fitness and eating
  • Competing life vs. future practices – how will behaviors change?
  • [18:45] Be conscious about how competing can create obsessions and guilt.
  • It’s important to view food as fuel.
  • [22:30] How are micronutrients included in a total nutrition plan?
  • Vitamins and minerals can be beneficial but you don’t get the full effect from them.
  • Remember that it is a supplement, not a replacement.
  • Watch how your body responds when you eat different foods.

HH008: Joe & Lauren Fit Shaming… Kinda

Joe and Lauren discuss the journey of living a new lifestyle focused on health and fitness. The ups, the downs, the negative comments, the commitment, the challenge, the frustration and so much more. Higher Health wants to connect with you, our listeners. We want to show our real selfs, and let you know we are no different than you. This episode serves as an incubator for many conversations to come by touching softly on many topics Joe and Lauren see need to be discussed.
Key Takeaways:
  • Fit shaming is a really thing
  • Calling people out for being different has been part of human nature FOREVER
  • Bodybuilding can be extremely unhealthy but the journey of learning to live a new way can be so beneficial if you learn to pick and choose from the correct areas of experience
  • To actually be successful in a certain are WILL absolutely require you to be hyper focused at some point in time

HH 001: Welcome to Higher Health


Welcome to the Higher Health Podcast! Joseph and Lauren dive in and get raw on their transition from extreme dieting to obtaining Higher Health and what that means to them. Both Joseph and Lauren are high level physique competitors and discuss how their view of health and fitness has evolved since embarking on their fitness journeys. Join them in finding sustainability, balance and overall higher health.

Key Takeaways

  • Health is more than a physical appearance
  • It's ok for your beliefs to change as your fail and learn new things yourself
  • Talk about what you want to talk about. Be disruptive
  • Everyone's journey will be different. The important part is to understand your own