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HH049: Drew Canole on Being Selfless

[4:00] “I was always an entrepreneur growing up. At that point, I just wanted to chase money.”

[4:30] “There was something inside of me that felt like it wasn’t fulfilled.”

[7:30] “I learned from a very young age that it wasn’t all about me.”

[9:00] “ The more I was beating the drum of health, the more I was beating the drum of being result driven with your physical transformation in your body.”

[11:00] “I think it’s about having a code of values for yourself, principles, agreements”…and not deviating from them.”

[13: 30] “Really it’s the feeling than evokes the subconscious to open up and actually start to create and materialize the desire that you have in your heart.”

[18: 10] “We are really trying to impact a person’s life that’s actually taken it in a really deep way.”

[21:00] “ I think the power is in the language that we choose,…to create a reality that we really want.”

[ 26:29] “I’m not a human-doing, I’m a human being, who do I need to be in this moment for the greatest representation of who I came here to be.”

KEY TAKEAWAY: Drew Canole started in the corporate financial world and since then has built up his own business in the health realm. His success was ignited by the desire to help people and create a positive impact in the world. Hear from Drew as he discusses the importance of pursuing what you love, being selfless, and being willing to work for your dreams.

  • Beginning of Drew’s journey – from the financial world to building a business
  • Came from a very broke childhood. Drew was one of the only kids in his high school to actually go to college.
  • One third of our lives are spent working. Make sure you choose to do something you enjoy; that’s a lot of time.
  • Drew wanted to make a positive change in his life and impact others – wanted to be able to help as many people as he could
  • Changed a whole biological shift in his body, through superfoods and organic foods
  • Transitioned from having a few clients to having more clients to building up the funds to create his own digital marketing program
  • He held his customers accountable to help them achieve a new vision for their lives
  • Organifi – Greatest Tasting Superfoods company with clinically backed ingredients
  • When you pursue what you love, you don’t have to work another day in your life.
  • Usually those types of clients (those who only want to diet or get fit because of physically appearances) don’t make it because it’s kind of superficial, so it has to be deeper than that. Why do you really want optimal health? Is it for energy for your kid one day?
  • Master the physical representation of who you are, the temple that you are walking around in and watch how it changes every other area of your life.
  • You got to be willing to the beginning, Drew was working 12 to 16 hours a day, but it wasn’t like work because he was impacting lives, he was inspiring change, he was evoking healing in a lot of people to help them become their inner guru.
  • The mind is far more powerful than what a guru would tell you you need to be balanced in.


HH030: Esteban Decorazon on Microdosing


Key Takeaways:  Hear from Esteban Decorazon about the different between tripping and micro-dosing and how topics like energy, sensitivity and focus all play into the notion of achieving a state of meditation.

  • Difference between “tripping” and what micro-dosing is
  • Esteban’s background of usage, psychedelic experiences and profound states of consciousness
  • [9:00] transitioning from tripping to micro-dosing. At what point are things too intense?
  • It’s been said that micro-dosing is supposed to be unnoticeable. Is this a valid claim or not?
  • What does micro-dosing do to you? For Esteban, he notices a brightness in colors, more compassion
  • Micro-dosing can be an effective way to speeding up the time it takes to reach a heightened state of consciousness for meditation
  • [17:30] – Esteban talks about a sense of profundity
  • Topics of energy and sensitivity – how all the elements of living a healthy lifestyle contribute to the idea of sensitivity
  • “Focus” is the key component
  • Esteban’s personal recommendation for people that are starting off with micro-dosing

HH022: Acadia Webber on Living for Health


Key Takeaways:  As a nutritional and fitness coach, businesswoman and PhD student, Acadia is a busy woman. And yet, she manages to find and teach balance. Hear how she prioritizes balance, and learn from her insight on learning to let go.

  • “Health is a balance; not an extreme” – insight into how this is implemented in Acadia’s life
  • Tapping into the middle balance area instead of being consumed by the disordered eating part of the bodybuilding industry
  • Coach vs. mentor mentality – how Acadia was inspired by her own clients to help achieve better balance in her life
  • Dieting is a means to an end; it’s not a way of life. Knowing this and remembering this can help you achieve a better balance.
  • Placebo Effects – the importance of understanding the power of psychology and honing on an individual’s mindset
  • However, you also have to be careful about a person’s psychology. A lot of people who are bodybuilders are also usually susceptible to falling into disordered ways of life.
  • The “fitstagram” movement – associating health with things you can see, it’s a lot of physical progress so it’s hard to show photos that demonstrate balance
  • Acadia explains her mission statement and she got into the nutrition industry
  • Acadia’s personal techniques to implement balance, whether it’s eating properly or managing various jobs (efficiency, smaller steps, etc.)
  • The importance of being present, slowing down, and drinking enough water
  • How people view food and the benefits a trainer / nutritional coach can bring to someone who is beginning a lifestyle change
  • Sometimes balance means not needing everything to perfect, and giving yourself a little bit of flexibility and grace
  • Learning to let go; meditation isn’t about absence of negative thoughts. It’s more about recognizing you have negative thoughts and letting them pass.




HH021: Lauren on Caffeine Intake



Key Takeaways: Caffeine is widely used around the world, but what exactly is the benefit? Join Lauren as she discusses its affects, misconceptions about coffee, and appropriate dosages of caffeine.

  • Caffeine is the most widely used drug across the world
  • It alters your state, it gives you energy, it decreases appetite, it acts as a diuretic
  • Be cautious about using energy drinks as well as overdosing on caffeine
  • One misconception about coffee is that espresso has more caffeine than brew or drip coffee (Not true: drip coffee has more)
  • The type of roast will affect the amounts of caffeine. The lighter the roast, the more caffeine a drink has.
  • Some people are more caffeine sensitive than others; that’s genetic. You can grow your tolerance over time.
  • The appropriate dosage of coffee for an athlete: 3-6 mg per kg of body weight.
  • Withdrawal symptoms – irritability, sleep can be affected, headaches
  • Tea vs. Coffee high
  • 16:30 Examples of substitutions for coffee (not quite the same as coffee but it’s better than nothing)
  • Tips for caffeine intake – a lot of people aren’t aware of how much caffeine they’re getting. Start tracking caffeine and the amount you drink each day.
  • Examples of different sweeteners and what works well if you have a strict macro intake

HH020: Amanda Bucci on Taking the Step


Key Takeaways: Amanda Bucci, a successful YouTuber and fitness guru, gives you insight on how she became interested in the fitness industry and how she has turned a hobby into a successful business. Learn how she got there along with some of her best tips.

  • Turning point for Amanda when she got serious about fitness throughout high school, encouraging and discouraging experiences with fitness
  • Process for how competing became a passion for Amanda
  • Fitness Instagram inspired her and peaked her interest
  • Meal plan she used when she was first competing – what she ate on a day to day basis for 5 weeks
  • Amanda’s goal for competing = aesthetic reasons along with wanting to learn more about nutrition and fully immerse herself in a healthy lifestyle
  • Amanda’s experience about realizing that competing needed to remain a hobby, not a lifestyle
  • Competing lifestyle require a lot of commitment in various arenas—to do well, you have to invest a lot of time and energy and realize that it’s going to consume your life.
  • How Amanda transitioned from college to the entrepreneurial mindset post-schooling (Macro eBook)
  • A look into her fitness business (how she started and how she progressed)
  • Learn some of Amanda’s biggest fitness struggles
  • If you have body issues before competing, competing will only make it worth. You have to compare yourself and judges will also compare yourself against others as well, so it’s a lot of judgement.
  • The “Photo shop” world can be really dangerous. It’s important for fitness influencers to be real about their bodies (even when they’re not looking their best) or else it can be really fake to people who are ignorant about fitness
  • Amanda’s program = teaching people the foundational blocks regarding health and fitness so they can empower themselves and be successful for the rest of their lives