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HH060: Mike Lee – Fighting for It All


“Going through pain in and out of the ring…boxing has taught me to get through those moments in life.”

“Everybody is talented and smart. It really comes down to your mindset.”

“I knew that if I didn’t go for it, that pain of regret would always live with me.”

“I want to go to bed at night knowing that I went for it. That I put all the chips on the table.”


Key Takeaway: Hear from professional boxer Mike Lee as he talks about everything from how he got started in boxing to how he defines and implements courage to how he views life and taking risks. Plus, get special insights into his athletic routines, including what he tells himself before every fight.


  • Hear about how Mike Lee got into boxing
  • Mike Lee talks about the millimeters of change and how that makes the difference between good and great athletes
  • Mike first started fighting at 8 years old. Hear about how he grew up fighting and why he loved it so much
  • “He was proud I didn’t quit.”
  • There were tons of moments where he felt like quitting; but the fact that what he didn’t is what led to his success.
  • A lot of people don’t actually listen to themselves. They let all this “noise” from the outside of the world impact their lives.
  • “Tomorrow is promised to no one.” – How this idea from his Dad really inspired Mike to live his life and to take chances
  • Mike Lee talks about his definition of courage and what it means to truly live in the moment and take advantage of opportunities
  • Mike Lee talks about his first professional fight and how he turned his nervous energy into feeling alive and getting inspired
  • Mike’s fighting theory – he fights his best fight when he’s loose and he’s having fun (“Have fun baby, have fun.”)
  • Even though he’s 21-0 and undefeated in boxing, Mike Lee admits to still having faced defeat in various other areas of his life. Defeat keeps you humble and it teaches you things.
  • Mike Lee addresses gratitude, some of his gratitude practices, and how that’s changed his life
  • What does Mike think about during his fights that get him inspired
  • Your body is an incredible machine; people need to be educated about what’s really good to put in your body
  • Mike Lee’s stance on CBD and how it’s helped him
  • Hear about the company Mike has launched


HH041 – Joseph Sheehey on Evolving


“We live our lives always wanting and it never stops.”


Joe on Cured coming to fruition: “It took such laser focus, but it’s something I believe in and it’s something that keeps developing. If you have something that you want in life.”


“If I’m always planning 10 steps ahead, most of the time at least one of those steps will change.”


“If you have something you want in life, you’re going to have to make sacrifices. You’re going to have to take risks and it’s really scary. Unless you start to dabble on the edge of uncomfortable-ness, you’ll never really progress in life.”


Key Takeaways: A New Year brings the whole “New Year, new me” notion. And while that’s not a bad notion to implement, it shouldn’t only happen one day a year. Hear from Joseph Sheehey as he discusses the importance of constantly seeking to evolve and to better oneself in order to live out the life you want.

  • 2017 brought a lot of life challenges.
  • Health is our thought space, our thought patterns, where our mind / focus / breath goes.
  • We condition ourselves over the course of our lives to adapt to what is comfortable rather than go after what we really want.
  • At what point do you actually say that you’re satisfied or do you say you’re fulfilled?
  • We all fall into the rut of “this is the way that life is supposed to be”. What we fail to do is to talk to ourselves.
  • We also lie to ourselves frequently, telling ourselves “yes this is what I want to be doing.” That is much more comfortable than finding the root of frustration and taking a proactive approach to changing it.
  • When Joe was in the competing world and he was asking people “how do you find your balance?”, a lot of people answered the question, but no one really answered it correctly. A lot of us think we know balance but we don’t. Balance requires immediate focus.
  • Learn about what Joe envisioned for his business plans and how those ideas evolved over time.
  • Motivated by the idea: what does total health look like?
  • Joining forces with people who he respected and admired – Alex McMahon, brought him onto podcasts so that he could learn from him and others could learn from him. CHECK OUT Alex McMahon’s podcast HERE.
  • Joe’s example with the BodyBuilding spokesperson – supports the idea that you have to listen to yourself and do things that are inherently YOU. Most of the time, you’re trying to force something that you’re not. When it’s not from the true self, it’s just a façade and it’s not going to be something people connect with.
  • Podcast with Rachel – definition of adapting and how you can learn to adapt. Find this podcast HERE.
  • A look into Higher Health’s future – goal is to be a platform of openness and not a platform that is controlled, but adapts to what you want to hear and learn
  • We should live each and every day like it’s the New Year. It’s kind of sad that one day of the year triggers a need for us to look inside our selves and create goals for ourselves.

HH040: Joseph Sheehey on CBD


Key Takeaways

  • Cured Nutrition was built out of the desire to share the healing powers of Cannabis
    • The stigma around the plant still lives and it needs to be changed
    • For those that have not experienced what the plant can do they are missing a huge opportunity for change and overall wellness
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-pyshcoavtive compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD will not get you high
  • Those that have struggled or seen struggles arise from alcohol and prescription drug should realized there has never bee a single death from cannabis and the fallout of medical and recreational cannabis regulations have been nothing but positive as shown by the state of Colorado
  • Transparency is the most important factor that lets Cured thrive. We display all testing results from farm to consumer and ensure our customers are receiving nothing but the highest of quality products
  • Not all hemp is created equal. The hemp Cured nutrition uses is viewed as medicinal hemp and looks much different than stalky hemp plants used solely for fiber
  • It has taken many years to breed the high CBD hep strains used in Cured Nutrition products
  • It is very important to understand where you are purchasing your hemp products from as there has been a flood of poor quality, mislabeled and toxic products coming into the market
  • CBD is simply not the answer for everyone. If you are in extreme pain that requires prescription strength pain killers than you may find more benefit from THC
  • CBD should be used by anyone looking to increase overall health and wellness using a natural supplement
  • CBD can be a great anti-imflammatroy and is perfect for recovery from extensive and intense training
  • Joseph has seen a significant reduction in anxiety from use of CBD over the years and being able to stop taking prescription drugs is something near and dear to his hard
    • There are several people in Josephs life that have shown benefit from the use of Cannabis including his mom who used to religiously take ibuprofen
  • Cured Nutrition provides products to be used at all times during the day
  • For high dosages, particularly before bed, one should use the concentrated oils or gel caps
  • To micro dose throughout the day select the spices that were designed to be used on any meal or in any drink of preference
    • Spices are best used with healthy fats
    • Cannabinoids are fat soluble and cooking with healthy oils can put the CBD into solution increasing bio-avavailibility with the bodies ability to process fats
  • The industry is evolving and growing by the day. First hand experience and success stories have built an amazing movement and as regulations continue to change more and more studies will arise showing efficacy of CBD and cannabinoids in general

Cured Info


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

HH034: Joe Discussing Anxiety

HH034 Joe solo

Key Takeaways

  • Anxiety is a lifelong way of thinking and conditioning of thought patterns
  • When you think a certain way your entire life you tend to always think in that way
  • The neural pathways of thoughts are a difficult thing to change. Their routes have been established over our entire life
  • Changing thought patterns takes reps. Headspace app is a great place to start
  • Fully shutting off has been the biggest struggle in trying to step out my own anxiety
  • Joseph finds that his sense of control in situations causing an extreme amount of anxiety – trying to plan out every step into the future
  • 99% of the time things don’t play out they way you plan them to in your head
  • Living in the now is the only true 100% solution to take away from anxiety
  • I used to play out every possible situation that my girlfriend could have possibly been doing
  • Anxiety can be absolutely debilitating
  • I used to walk around with the biggest ego ever
  • I hade no idea what I was meant to be. I was so far outside of what I thought I could and wanted to be
  • Joseph shares the story of hitting rock bottom in college and wanting to end his life. The drinking and drugs to suppress the anxiety tore him apart and lead him down a dark destructive path
  • It wasn’t until I met Joseph Toscano who taught me how to sit and look inward did things start to change. He taught me to allow thoughts to come and go
  • Learning how to breathe changed everything for me
  • It took a solid to years to climb completely out of the depression but anxiety is still here
  • Cannabis has been an absolute game changer
  • CBD absolutely will work for anxiety but anxiety will never fully go away

Cured Nutrition

  • Cured Nutrition sells full spectrum hemp cannabinoid rich products
  • The Cured Spices line is the signature product line but several forms of taking CBD exist
  • Gel Caps and Full Spectrum oil are the most common ways to take CBD
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