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HH034: Joe Discussing Anxiety

HH034 Joe solo

Key Takeaways

  • Anxiety is a lifelong way of thinking and conditioning of thought patterns
  • When you think a certain way your entire life you tend to always think in that way
  • The neural pathways of thoughts are a difficult thing to change. Their routes have been established over our entire life
  • Changing thought patterns takes reps. Headspace app is a great place to start
  • Fully shutting off has been the biggest struggle in trying to step out my own anxiety
  • Joseph finds that his sense of control in situations causing an extreme amount of anxiety – trying to plan out every step into the future
  • 99% of the time things don’t play out they way you plan them to in your head
  • Living in the now is the only true 100% solution to take away from anxiety
  • I used to play out every possible situation that my girlfriend could have possibly been doing
  • Anxiety can be absolutely debilitating
  • I used to walk around with the biggest ego ever
  • I hade no idea what I was meant to be. I was so far outside of what I thought I could and wanted to be
  • Joseph shares the story of hitting rock bottom in college and wanting to end his life. The drinking and drugs to suppress the anxiety tore him apart and lead him down a dark destructive path
  • It wasn’t until I met Joseph Toscano who taught me how to sit and look inward did things start to change. He taught me to allow thoughts to come and go
  • Learning how to breathe changed everything for me
  • It took a solid to years to climb completely out of the depression but anxiety is still here
  • Cannabis has been an absolute game changer
  • CBD absolutely will work for anxiety but anxiety will never fully go away

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  • The Cured Spices line is the signature product line but several forms of taking CBD exist
  • Gel Caps and Full Spectrum oil are the most common ways to take CBD
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HH 011: Hana Devore on Fitness & Cannabis


Hear from Hana Devore about the perception of cannabis and how she, along with Joe and Lauren, have integrated cannabis into their health and fitness routines and seen amazing results.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the true picture of health day in and day out?
  • Hana’s experience – how long she has been using cannabis and how her thoughts regarding the plant have changed over time
  • [2:20] The importance of viewing cannabis as a medicine and not as a recreational drug
  • A stigma exists behind the cannabis industry and it has influenced the way many people think about the plant. Many people associate weed with the idea of a lazy stoner.
  • [8:20] Hana discusses how using cannabis has helped with her fitness routine
  • [10:20] Unfamiliar with cannabis? Gain a basic education on the plant, including a breakdown of the compounds found in it.
  • [17:10] – Joe’s experience with cannabis, with an emphasis on how it improves his concentration
  • [18:30] – What types of cannabis should you use for each type of physical activity? Hanah, Joe, and Lauren tell you their insight on what to pair with what activity.
  • There are a myriad of benefits from CBD. Hear some of them at 25:50.
  • In what conditions does your body look the best? What are ways for you to ensure you’re able to achieve that “happy body” state?
  • [35:00] A discussion on the perception of alcohol vs. cannabis, and how alcohol has become widely accepted by society while cannabis hasn’t
  • What does this imply for the future? Your hosts brainstorm the potential for the health and fitness industry once society has learned to move past the current stigma for cannabis.

HH 006: Joe & Lauren discuss Cannabis

HH006 J&L Cannabis

The stigma around the cannabis plant has existed for most of our lives but as we move into a new age we need to open our minds and live curiously. Is cannabis what every makes it out to be? Should it really be considered something used by lazy couch potatoes? Maybe, but maybe not. Joe and Lauren discuss cannabis in their own lives and how it’s uses have changed over time.

Key Takeaways:

  • We should speak openly about the things we firmly believe in
  • The most important part of physique transformations lies in the ability to relax and recover and when used properly cannabis can prove to be extremely beneficial
  • As the laws change state by state more and more people feel comfortable exploring the possibles uses for cannabis
  • We have only yet scratched the surface as to all the potential uses for the plant and the fact that much research is yet to come makes this an extremely interesting time to be alive
  • Just because you experienced cannabis in a particular way in the past does not mean that it is the norm and many new products allow for endless combinations of effects and benefits