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HH 014: Eric Helms on Natural Bodybuilding


Key Takeaways: From the outside world, bodybuilding can often seem unnatural. However, like anything, there are different approaches to the sport. Join Eric Helms as he discusses natural bodybuilding, and how extreme bodies can be achieved through natural methods.


  • Eric Helms’ personal experience on how he got into lifting and how he was able to decipher between the positive and negative aspects regarding bodybuilding
  • [3:15 ]– Natural bodybuilding vs. pharmaceuticals and athletes that are putting out false images about how they’re achieving their bodies. How do you decipher what is natural?
  • Philosophy of coaching, and how starting a client off on pharmaceuticals right away isn’t healthy
  • [8:30] – Eric’s personal philosophy on why he’s chosen to stay natural in the midst of bodybuilding and how he’s humble enough to know that his competitive nature could escalate to unnatural levels if he were to let things get out of his control
  • [10:45] – How testosterone affects muscle mass. Does testosterone even affect muscles?
  • “Hormones are the way things naturally happen. You don’t need to try to manipulate it.”
  • The importance of admitting you’re wrong and exposing your ignorance.
  • How failure is actually a measure of success.
  • How extreme bodybuilding puts a lot of unneeded strain on your body.
  • Reverse Diet vs. Recovery Diet for athletes who are finished with a show
  • Recovery Diet= goal is to put on 5-10% of your body weight within a month or two
  • Eric’s personal post-show experience and how it was a rude awakening
  • Structure is an important part of dieting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be inflexible, but there should be an underlying structure.
  • People can get into bodybuilding but how do you get out of it and move away from the rigidity?

HH 013: Joe, Lauren, Alex and Hana discuss Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting has become a huge craze recently but is it right for you? This episode of Higher Health presents great insight into our personal experience with the approach. Bottom line is fasting works, but before setting out on using it for yourself make sure you do your research.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding reasons why you should or should not try fasting is very important
    • Are you sleeping enough? How are your stress levels? Do you have a tendency to binge?
  • A good eating time frame to start with is 10hours of eating with 14hours of fasting a day. Optimal would be 8hours of eating with 16 of fasting
  • Onnit academy shares a great guide for beginners on intermittent fasting here
  • Strategically eating higher fat meals or a total ketosis approach could amplify the effects of intermittent fasting by priming the body to burn fat for fuel while in a fasting state
  • The human species has evolved through famine and fasting is something that our bodies can absolutely handle
  • Fasting can be used as a daily approach or added as a once or twice occurrence for longer fasting periods within one week

HH 012: Joe & Lauren on Perception


In this episode, hosts Joe and Lauren dig into the topic of perception, especially in regards to how the fitness industry has changed their views on how they see their bodies.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you have body image issues before entering the fitness industry, your body image and insecurities will be exacerbated.
  • Body builders and how they figure out what their “new normal” is… transitioning from the stage to normal life
  • If you’re a bodybuilder or in the fitness industry, what is your obligation to the general public? What message are you conveying?
  • For fitness professionals, their definition of “fat” is very, very different than the general public’s idea of “fat”.
  • [7:30] When you’re finished competing, how do you transition out of the “competing” body perception ideals?
  • [8:20] How comparison is only made worse by social media
  • Even if someone’s body is close to perfect, there are other areas of their life that are probably lacking. It’s more healthy to devote time to relationships, have energy, then it is to have 3% body fat.
  • [13:50] – Aim for “little changes”, which can help your mental state and help you learn how to achieve short term goals.
  • [15:50] – Learn how to be thankful for what your body can do and how much your body has achieved so far.
  • Learn how to be happy with what you have now, in this moment.
  • Happiness is not an angle; it’s a day to day journey. Learn more about this notion from Committed Physique Radio’s episode featuring Lauren Irick.
  • What does it take for you to feel fulfilled?
  • When you’re competing, don’t lose sight of important people in your life and don’t lose sight of yourself.


HH008: Joe & Lauren Fit Shaming… Kinda

Joe and Lauren discuss the journey of living a new lifestyle focused on health and fitness. The ups, the downs, the negative comments, the commitment, the challenge, the frustration and so much more. Higher Health wants to connect with you, our listeners. We want to show our real selfs, and let you know we are no different than you. This episode serves as an incubator for many conversations to come by touching softly on many topics Joe and Lauren see need to be discussed.
Key Takeaways:
  • Fit shaming is a really thing
  • Calling people out for being different has been part of human nature FOREVER
  • Bodybuilding can be extremely unhealthy but the journey of learning to live a new way can be so beneficial if you learn to pick and choose from the correct areas of experience
  • To actually be successful in a certain are WILL absolutely require you to be hyper focused at some point in time