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HH039: Lindsey Holy – Firelight Yoga


“Stopping and doing nothing is still almost impossible for me.” – Joseph

“If you don’t give yourself time to analyze thought patterns, you don’t really give yourself a chance to understand why you get sad or mad.” – Joseph

“90% of all outpatient visits to the emergency room are stress related.” – Lindsey

“We have a culture that rewards a stress culture. We don’t take vacation, we brag about how much we work and we don’t value rest.” – Lauren

“We all want to be the best version of ourselves, so when someone is asked ‘how do you show up’, they’ll bring in more awareness and you’ll see slight changes right in the moment.” – Lindsey

“It’s not the endpoint; it’s the journey.” – Lauren

“Imagine if someone talked to you the way you talked to yourself.” – Joseph


Key Takeaways: Yoga and meditation aren’t ways to check out; instead they’re ways to “check in” and get in tune with you body. Hear from Lindsey Holy about the history of yoga and its many benefits.

  • Lindsay’s background was in politics but after working in politics, she knew it wasn’t her calling
  • Not knowing what to do after that realization, she did 2 terms of service for AmeriCorps. A fellow volunteer was really into yoga, and gave Lindsay a book on the philosophy and practice of yoga.
  • After volunteering, she went on a weeklong yoga retreat where she learned the importance of meditation. She ended up living there for a year, reading books and studying psychological theories of yoga science vs. modern science.
  • When she finished there, she did a yoga teacher’s training in Costa Rica and knew instantly that this was what she was supposed to do.
  • Lindsay recalls some of her first hour-long meditation experiences at the retreat she went to.
    • She asked herself questions like: Why can’t I sit still? It’s a simple task so why can’t I just sit.
  • Learning to let yourself check in to a new part of your brain with meditation.
  • [9:00] “Meditation isn’t a time to check out; it’s a time to tune in.” It allows myself to be a lot more directive in my time throughout the day.
  • All personalities can certainly meditate, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing. That’s why yoga has built up a system for understanding how to create pointed focus.
  • Meditation is helpful in allowing to recognize thought patterns
  • Stress has become a huge epidemic in our society.
  • The huge onslaught of yoga rising in the modern world is especially prevalent given the rise of stress in society.
  • The history of yoga is highly interpretive because it’s so old and a lot wasn’t written about in the early days of yoga.
  • [17:00] – 22:00 History of Yoga
  • “In my classes, getting people to breathe is a challenge in and of itself.”
  • Lindsey asks her students: “How do you show up?”
  • That question (‘how do you show up?’) is a human question…it doesn’t just have to do with yoga. You can use that question in anything: in work, in relationships, etc.
  • Yoga can be symbolic of other areas of life. Some people try to get through it, some people don’t try hard poses. Some people skip the hard elements and want to get to the end.
  • Breath is often synchronized with movement, and that’s because it’s all about focus.
  • We don’t have to think about breathing during our day. When you focus energy on breathing (something that is usually mindless), your body will start to relax.
  • Self-talk can be destructive.
  • “In the deeper practices of yoga, you do start to transcend the vehicle of your body.”

Instagram: @lindseyholy – schedule of upcoming workshops, teacher trainings

HH034: Joe Discussing Anxiety

HH034 Joe solo

Key Takeaways

  • Anxiety is a lifelong way of thinking and conditioning of thought patterns
  • When you think a certain way your entire life you tend to always think in that way
  • The neural pathways of thoughts are a difficult thing to change. Their routes have been established over our entire life
  • Changing thought patterns takes reps. Headspace app is a great place to start
  • Fully shutting off has been the biggest struggle in trying to step out my own anxiety
  • Joseph finds that his sense of control in situations causing an extreme amount of anxiety – trying to plan out every step into the future
  • 99% of the time things don’t play out they way you plan them to in your head
  • Living in the now is the only true 100% solution to take away from anxiety
  • I used to play out every possible situation that my girlfriend could have possibly been doing
  • Anxiety can be absolutely debilitating
  • I used to walk around with the biggest ego ever
  • I hade no idea what I was meant to be. I was so far outside of what I thought I could and wanted to be
  • Joseph shares the story of hitting rock bottom in college and wanting to end his life. The drinking and drugs to suppress the anxiety tore him apart and lead him down a dark destructive path
  • It wasn’t until I met Joseph Toscano who taught me how to sit and look inward did things start to change. He taught me to allow thoughts to come and go
  • Learning how to breathe changed everything for me
  • It took a solid to years to climb completely out of the depression but anxiety is still here
  • Cannabis has been an absolute game changer
  • CBD absolutely will work for anxiety but anxiety will never fully go away

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