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HH062: Alex McMahon – Taking the Leap


Key Takeaways: This week Alex and Joe chatted about the importance of your mindset and how prioritizing positivity and finding likeminded friends is all part of creating a healthy mindset. Plus you’ll hear about the new leap and challenge that Alex is taking!


-When you’re surrounding yourself by people who are challenging you, the changes in your life that happen are incredible

-Alex shares that he’s moving from Portland to Denver and taking the leap in a new direction

-Look at it like a thermostat. If the people who are around you are at 90 and you’re at an 85, they’re going to raise you to their level

-“The purposeless route is more prone to addiction, and humans are no different.” – Jordan Peterson

-When you find people who are in align with their purpose, and their purpose is similar to your purpose, you connect on a different level than you would with other folks

-Everyone wants a definitive answer, but there’s no one size fits all. A more appropriate response should be “it depends.”

-Mindset is huge. The way you think about things determines how you will interpret life around you and take subsequent actions.

-One of the biggest things that causes anxiety is not being present. Anxiety arises when you think about either the past or about the future.

-Meditation is a great way to center yourself and to force yourself to be present in the here and now.

-Alex talks about what he experienced when he experienced his first anxiety attack

-When you’re not stepping out of your comfort zone, you won’t see change. Plain and simple. You’ll get caught up in what’s comfortable and you won’t be stretched.

-Your gut reaction is usually right. That’s you at your heart of hearts.

-“Are you happy?” People don’t ask that question nearly enough.

-Life is short. The amount of people who aren’t living their potential and are not happy with their life is the scariest thought to think about.

-Everyone has demons. Everyone has good and everyone has bad. Mistakes and bad thought patterns are part of us. Accept it, realize it, and then realize that you’re no different than anyone else. If you learn from mistakes and move on as a better person, then you learned from the bad things you did.


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HH056- Joe & Alex: Being Uncomfortable

“Become aware of why you’re thinking a certain way and allow yourself to stop and take 10 breaths.”

“The biggest thing getting in the way of my business was me.”

“You don’t get what you want. You get what you need.”

“People are so afraid of failure that they never get started.” – Alex

“You can think things into existence. Speak things into existence.”


Key Takeaways –  This week, Alex and Joe discuss the importance of becoming uncomfortable…and how taking big risks and putting words into action is the key to achieving positive change and redirection. Plus, you’ll hear about Alex’s personal morning routine and his thoughts on the importance of intentionality.


  • How do you change your attitude when it’s one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong or poorly?
  • Intentional meditation can be a game changer; when you find time to devote quiet time to yourself, you can help your thoughts re-align
  • Headspace – highly recommended
  • Book recommendation – Own the Day, Own Your Life
  •  If you can’t give yourself 10 minutes a day, then you don’t own your life
  • Alex McMahon’s schedule – how he schedules his entire day and his entire week, what he prioritizes
  • It is important to separate your “work” space and your “play” space (i.e. don’t work in your bed)
  • Learning our own bodies and being not so dogmatic in our ways is the key to achieving health and fitness and wellness goals
  • You can get to the same end goal as someone else, but the approach doesn’t always have to be the same. Often time the approach isn’t the same.
  • There is no one answer. That’s probably the biggest myth and the biggest problem with the health and fitness industry.
  • There is no one answer. It’s your life. Understanding who you are at the basis is the one true answer.
  • If there is someone who you emulate and who is achieving something you want, you have to realize that they are doing things that you aren’t doing to get to where they are and to where you want to be
  • Comparing can rob you of a lot of things, but comparing and be able to be real on the differences that you see between yourself and someone else and allowing yourself to feel those can be really positive and insightful
  • There’s a big difference between wanting something and needing something.
  • When you allow yourself to be in comfortable situations, your body will start to adapt. You will grow to learn that on the other side of uncomfortable-ness lays success and happiness.
  • By doing the difficult things, you earn credibility with yourself. And there’s no bigger credibility than you can earn than with yourself.
  • If there’s something in life that’s achievable, go after it and try to get it. You’ll be surprised at how often you can achieve what you go after if you try hard enough.
  • Learn some of Joe’s past about how previous endeavors have helped him achieve his current goals
  • Adapting is one of the most important goals not only as an entrepreneur but also as an individual
  • Taking action is what will set you apart from being average to being excellent (whether in health, fitness, life, etc.)
  • If you’re someone who always has nervous, negative thoughts, you’re always going to think that way. Change your thought process and you’ll change the way you act and respond.
  • “You can think things into existence. Speak things into existence.”


HH050: Alex McMahon – The Backstory


“You can view kids as this blank canvas and you have a large part in forming who they become in their life.”

“They weren’t doing these kids a service. These teachers weren’t setting a fire in these kids. They weren’t getting them moving and they weren’t getting them excited.”  

“There’s been certain moments in my life where I’ve had people who have come out to tell me the truth and push me in the right direction.”

“It takes a lot of courage to tell someone that they’re not doing something well, and say that they want better for you. That’s the truest form of love.”

“I saw the connection between hard work and getting what you want out of things.”

KEY TAKEAWAYS: This week, we welcome Alex McMahon as our new co-host! Tuen in to catch his backstory—from stories about his childhood to how he began his own business and what he’s learned along the way. Plus you’ll hear updates about both Higher Health and Cured Nutrition.

  • New Co-Host: Alex McMahon – the story of how he became the co-host
  • Exploration of knowledge – what ties Joe and Alex together. Whether it’s exploration of information or knowledge or ideas.


  • Was a pretty poor student during elementary school, mostly because of a learning disability that a teacher was able to detect. Nothing was really too interesting and he found out that he had ADHD which made him rambunctious.
  • During high school, he signed up for a Human Growth & Development course because he was told there were cute girls in the glass; in addition to that being true, this was the first class he actually enjoyed. Part of the course involved teaching preschool students, which opened him up to the world of education.
  • Once he got into college, Alex did what “everyone else did.” It was the first time there was tons of freedom, but he fell into bad habits.
  • His one class that was a game changer was a class that allowed him to essentially develop the entire preschool
  • Preschool was Alex’s segway into nutrition – so many of the kids had different food intolerances that he had to be mindful of and had to learn about
  • Tried a bunch of different food lifestyles (veganism, vegetarianism) but saw a lot of personal success in low card paleo-ism
  • Your day to day life can change drastically depending on what you put in your mouth
  • As Alex worked in both education and nutrition simultaneously, he helped advise both parents and kids about the diets that were personally best for them individually
  • He was coming into class hungover and tired, and his TA and teacher both told him that there was immense potential but that he wasn’t doing anything with it. They challenged him to rise to his potential.
  • Alex’s personal philosophy on successful preschool strategies especially in terms of challenging kids
  • “There’s a lot of lessons I learned as a preschool teacher that I use as a nutritional therapist.”
  • Alex was told: “You found what you’re passionate about. Get a few letters behind your name, go out there and work your ass off, and be successful.”
  • When he learned more about nutrition, he challenged himself to simplify all of these terms so that even a preschool student could understand it.
  • He was figuring out ways to get kids interested in foods that they were never interested in before.
  • Using Popeye as an example of finding a way for kids to eat their vegetables based on what they were interested in.
  • If you know what someone is interested in and you also know their goals, finding a way to connect those dots is effective because it means you as a trainer and nutritionist has listened to them.
  • When Alex decided to make the move to nutrition, he was both scared and excited. He had no real plan but he knew that’s what he was passionate about.
  • “There were people who were doing things better than me. Those were the people I wanted to reach out to be mentors.”
  • Examples of how Alex puts plans and dreams into action. That’s what it takes = ACTION.
  • “People want an answer yesterday. They want a change yesterday. They’re never going to change their lives if they continue to live that way.”
  • “You often realize how much you actually DON’T know.”
  • It’s not just about having the information. It’s about the application of that information. That’s Alex’s main goal: being able to help as many people as possible and create a large reach.
  • “We have two ears and one mouth. Listen more, talk less.”
  • You can learn a lot much more than by asking better questions. Stop pushing your agenda on other people, but be willing to listen and ask questions.



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HH029 Joe & Alex – Challenging Yourself


“If I continued to do the exact same things, I was going to continue to get the exact same results.” – Alex McMahon

“On the other side of discomfort is probably a place you’ve never been before, but a place you’ve always wanted to be.”  – Joe Sheehey


Key Takeaways:  People who achieve great things are the same people that took risks, worked hard, and stepped into the uncomfortable. Joe & Alex McMahon talk about challenges and what it takes to achieve something worthwhile.

  • When you set goals and then surpass them, you start to wonder what areas in your life you’re holding yourself back.
  • Most people put limits on themselves.
  • Alex and the notion of his “Weekly Comfort Challenges” – laying down in public, sleeping in a park, cold showers only
  • “When you fear something and you continually fear it, you allow it to grow in your mind in a way that allows it to become this insurmountable mountain that you can’t get past.”
  • We have a tendency to shy away from comfort; we’re taught to avoid failure.
  • The thought space of “what ifs” is an easy place to get stuck in.
  • When the stakes are high and you tell yourself “I’m going to make this happen,” you’ll be surprised at the level of motivation and drive you’ll find within yourself.
  • Most of the time, things that people do that they’re especially proud of required them to step outside of their comfort zone
  • Every person that’s achieved something great got there because they just grinded day in and day out.
  • Nothing worth having is easy in life.
  • People only start to get notoriety when they’re successful so no one sees the years or months where they were just putting in tons of hard work.
  • It shows a lot about a person to admit that they’re wrong; it shows that you’re growing and you’re a real person. Everyone messes up.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Your gut reaction usually won’t fail you.
  • You can do anything you set your mind to; it just takes hard work and dedication.
  • Alex talks about Evolve Nutritional Therapy