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HH052: Adam Schafer – Mind Pump Media


“I had reached a point financially where I thought I’d be set but I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like how I looked or how I felt.”

“There’s a lot of bullshit out there. I’m gonna come out and be transparent and honest with people.”

“I’m confident but I’m not cocky.”

“I’m always pushing the limits. I wanted the shock and awe approach.”

“You’ve been sold to. You’ve been marketed to. You’ve been manipulated to buy things, so there’s certain mistakes you’re going to make because of how the industry has manipulated you.”

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Adam Schafer of Mind Pump Media is known for his raw, unfiltered approach to his commentary on health and fitness. While he does aim to push the limits, Adam ultimately wants to get people talking and challenging ideas. Hear how he built his business, stays inspired, and inspires others.


  • “We love to hate Adam.” – Learn about why Adam had this motto for quite some time
  • Learn about how MindPump came to be
  • Hear about how Taylor inspired MindPump and how his sneaker flipping business provided him with the knowledge to inspire Adam to start his own business
  • When you build an online business, it’s going to feel like you’re talking to yourself for a while (on an online community). You have to be willing to go through those times of an “empty” audience before traction happens and people start catching on.
  • Adam was able to take time off of his medical marijuana job and entered back into the world of fitness. It took about 8 or 9 months, but he reached 7% body fat.
  • []18:00 ** “Chasing followers is not the answer to building a social media business whatsoever. It’s building value to the couple people who are paying attention.”
  • Adam’s insight onto how to build a legitimate business (hint: It doesn’t involve having as many social media followers as possible)
  • Book recommendation: Irresistible by Adam Alter
  • Adam’s thoughts and opinions on how technology consumerism will move towards digital streaming.
  • Hear about podcast strategy and why they decided on taking a very raw, unfiltered approach
  • What they saw wrong about the fitness industry: division. We glorify one modality over others and put other ones down. That’s the worst thing you could do. There’s so much benefit to all of them.
  • When it came down to writing plans for exercise, there were certain things they wanted to avoid: Overuse of intensity. Everyone was trying to kill it at the gym and that wasn’t necessary.
  • []52:30 “There is a lot of things that people don’t realize when they get this success from a diet, from a program, is to learn to unpack it and point out why it worked, and it takes time….,we wanted to help connect those dots for people, and know how to figure out what’s working for your body and WHY it’s working for your body, and to not marry that one idea. “
  • []1:00:19 “What I know, when it’s all said and done, the tribe of people that we built won’t go anywhere because we have literally changed their lives.”