HH072: Chase Chewning – Ever Forward


“I knew that if I wanted to reduce my chance of injury, I needed to learn how the body moved, and needed to learn nutrition. I need to learn the human body.”

“You have to be so selfish with your time—it is the most precious thing.”

“Interrupt your system. Your system being you, the machine.”

Key Takeaway: This week we got to chat with founder of Ever Forward, Chase Chewning. Hear about his military background and how that led to the creation of Ever Forward, an all-encompassing brand that aims to educate clients on how to take control of their lives through bettering their physical and mental toughness.

  • Chase’s interest in nutrition – his family grew up on a large property in the mountains in Roanoke, and they had a huge garden that produced a lot of the food they ate
  • He grew up eating well and he grew up always being active, whether playing outside as a kid and also playing sports through most of his schooling
  • After high school, he joined the military and entered as a linguist for Russian
  • He was facing intense physical training but also intense mental training and emotional training
  • Chase found out his dad had a terminal disease at the end of his basic training boot camp, which was still towards the beginning of his military career. This time of his life was his most emotionally challenging.
  • Chase was medically discharged from the army after his body needed a lot of work and attention.
  • He started studying exercise science which catapulted into a few jobs (personal training, etc.)
  • Ever Forward was always one of his personal mantras (as well as high license plate since he had his first car)
  • Chase and his brother worked together and came up with the Ever Forward brand. His brother was the videography creative person driving the brand while Chase was still working for other companies.
  • The brand grew from there—podcast, apparel, working on a charity foundation
  • 35:10 – “I just create what I want to create.”
  • You have to have enough gas in the tank to take care of yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t put your best into the world to try and help others.
  • 51:51 – “If you’re not at a place to delegate things, just be open to getting another opinion.”
  • We can get lost in a lot, but once you start realizing your thoughts and your thought patterns, you can start understanding why you respond in ways that you usually do
  • Reads The Daily Stoic every morning to start the day with truths and objective perspective
  • 55:40 – True success is monotonous. There is a lot of repeat behaviors. If you want to create and do, you need to warm up the engine and put yourself in the right mindset and environment.
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