HH070: Ryan Conley – Reflexive Performance Reset


“The first time I experienced it, I felt great and I went and crushed weights.”

“You heal 70% faster.”

 “Just start somewhere.”


Key Takeaway: Elite Powerlifter and Strength Training Coach Ryan Conley joins us this week to talk about RPR – Reflexive Performance Reset. You’ll learn how this therapy works to improve the durability of athletes and the ability to keep individuals injury free.


  • RPR (reflexive performance reset) aims to switch your body from a sympathetic from parasympathetic state
  • This system (RPR) has only been around for 3-4 years
  • If the body is firing energy out of order, you’re creating damage
  • When there are stressors that you allow to overtake your body, you’re always in the sympathetic, “fight or flight” reaction
  • RPR allows you to reboot and get your breathing right so that you can mentally get alright and release some of the tension that is released in your body
  • 9:00 If you can get your breathing right and have your hip flexion and extension working right, everything else should work better
  • Breathing is usually the first thing that’s evaluated; it’s the ultimate basic. Once this is improved, everything else will be improved.
  • Talking about natural frequencies and systems in regards to both nature and in regards to the RPR machine that has worked wonders on clients
  • Ryan and Joe talk Jordan Peterson and about the way he thinks and addresses topics in an intellectual but also humble manner
  • High performers usually hold themselves back because they put themselves in a box, are too worries about not delivering perfection, and can’t get themselves to just start
  • Things that you’re good at, you have a subconscious program for. You can usually go back to these things and usually be successful.
  • Everything comes back to perspective. It all comes back to how you view yourself and your life and your limits.
  • Areas where Ryan has seen the most improvement with RPR – his breathing
  • Oxygen Advantage – book recommendation, talks a lot about the applications of good breathing
  • To connect with Ryan:

Email: RPC09C@gmail.com

Instagram: @ryanconleypsa

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