HH069: Joe Sheehey – Comparison


Key Takeaway:  This week, get an introspective look into Joe’s mind, and hear what he has to say about comparison and how he doesn’t let distractions overcome his thoughts. His insight will help you ask yourself whether what you’re doing is truly for you or based off comparison with someone else.

  • It’s been quite easy for Joe to forget what has been accomplished in the last year since starting Cured
  • Struggling to not compare yourself to other’s that are simply different is difficult
  • Regardless of success and accomplishment everything disappears when you can’t sit in your own uniqueness
  • There are always going to be competitors in everything you do. You must remember that it’s impossible for there to be a 100% carbon copy of you. Own that
  • Do you know yourself? Do you know what makes you unique? Many of us can’t answer these questions instantly simply because we don’t allow ourselves to
  • Joe shares his entire trip to Tulum; what it’s purpose was and what was learned
  • Sitting in discomfort is hard and our instant reaction is to suppress it in someway. The first day in Tulum showed exactly that, an instant feel/need to be surrounded by someone and not feel loneliness
  • The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer is an amazing book that Joe recommends for those on a path to further understanding themselves
  • Understand what you believe goals and accomplishments are going to create in your life and if it is based off of comparison to someone else
  • Own your story, you are the Hero of it
  • Comparison truly is the thief of all joy, it proves true time and time again

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