HH063: Mark Sloan – Take a Chance


“I didn’t have a backup plan. I was all in.”

“I had to work hard, get my head down and just allow my actions and my performances to earn the right of a locker room.”

“Is this something I really want to do? Or is this something someone else expected me to do?”

“You never know who is watching.”

Key Takeaway:  This week, hear from Mark Sloan about how he took a chance and left behind a successful professional soccer career to pursue his passion. Plus, you don’t want to miss an amazing story about a stranger in a coffee shop who gave Mark an amazing gift. Check it out on this week’s episode.

  • Hear about how Mark started out in soccer and how he was able to start playing professionally at age 16
  • Soccer was a risk – he traded in education and university for soccer. Hear about how this choice affected him and how failure along the way didn’t shut him down or stop him.
  • His first big failure was when his contract was suspended at age 18, and even though it was a huge failure in that moment, it taught him so much and it made him learn more
  • He was picked up by Belgium – this was the very first time he had ever left home.
  • Hear about how there was constantly the need to juggle between locker room camaraderie and also fierce competition
  • After experiencing living and playing in Belgium, he made a confident decision to go play and live in the United States
  • “The first coach to reply to me is the first coach I’m going to go with.”
  • You never know what will stem from one conversation or one thing you said to someone. If you’re not present in the moment, you can miss so many of these opportunities.
  • “Am I doing it for myself or am I doing it for other people?”
  • Mark confidently made the decision to walk away from soccer and instead focused on a brand new path
  • Mark started Young Tribe
  • One of the scariest things Mark has to face is being an Englishman in America – visa situations are tough and he never knows what the future looks like
  • “Not knowing what the future looks like is making me live in the present more than ever.”
  • Hear Mark’s story about a stranger in a coffee shop who gave him an amazing gift
  • If you just believe something and put yourself in the moment, anything is possible


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