HH062: Alex McMahon – Taking the Leap


Key Takeaways: This week Alex and Joe chatted about the importance of your mindset and how prioritizing positivity and finding likeminded friends is all part of creating a healthy mindset. Plus you’ll hear about the new leap and challenge that Alex is taking!


-When you’re surrounding yourself by people who are challenging you, the changes in your life that happen are incredible

-Alex shares that he’s moving from Portland to Denver and taking the leap in a new direction

-Look at it like a thermostat. If the people who are around you are at 90 and you’re at an 85, they’re going to raise you to their level

-“The purposeless route is more prone to addiction, and humans are no different.” – Jordan Peterson

-When you find people who are in align with their purpose, and their purpose is similar to your purpose, you connect on a different level than you would with other folks

-Everyone wants a definitive answer, but there’s no one size fits all. A more appropriate response should be “it depends.”

-Mindset is huge. The way you think about things determines how you will interpret life around you and take subsequent actions.

-One of the biggest things that causes anxiety is not being present. Anxiety arises when you think about either the past or about the future.

-Meditation is a great way to center yourself and to force yourself to be present in the here and now.

-Alex talks about what he experienced when he experienced his first anxiety attack

-When you’re not stepping out of your comfort zone, you won’t see change. Plain and simple. You’ll get caught up in what’s comfortable and you won’t be stretched.

-Your gut reaction is usually right. That’s you at your heart of hearts.

-“Are you happy?” People don’t ask that question nearly enough.

-Life is short. The amount of people who aren’t living their potential and are not happy with their life is the scariest thought to think about.

-Everyone has demons. Everyone has good and everyone has bad. Mistakes and bad thought patterns are part of us. Accept it, realize it, and then realize that you’re no different than anyone else. If you learn from mistakes and move on as a better person, then you learned from the bad things you did.


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