HH061: Cody McBroom – Boom Boom


“Most people won’t stare their insecurities in the face.”

“Why not me?”


Key Takeaway: This week, we sat down with fitness and mindset enthusiast Cody McBroom and heard about his journey from the very beginning (a chubby kid in high school) to where he is now (running a successful and fulfilling online business). Hear his philosophy on mindfulness, plus his essential 4 pillars to achieving your optimum health.


  • Finding self-alignment happens when you find something to do that gets you excited in the morning and makes you feel passionate
  • Hear about Cody’s childhood – how he was the “black sheep” of the family and how he went through childhood
  • Staring your insecurities in the face is something most people never do; that’s the problem with people and their struggles
  • Lean into resistance.
  • [21:45] The inner effect will always affect the outer effects.
  • “If we don’t work on ourselves now, when will we ever be able to work on ourselves?”
  • 4 Pillars: Body, Mindset, Relationships, Business
  • [25:26] – talking about every situation that you come across in life – how should you interpret and analyze it?
  • If you’re not communicating to someone what’s going on in the inside, no one will know and won’t be able to help accordingly. People aren’t mind readers.
  • Hear about how Cody’s strategy regarding time blocks – how he approaches this in regards to social media, lack of certain types of work, etc.
  • Hear about Boom Boom Performance, and how Cody’s business morphed from a fitness passion in college into a full-time successful online business
  • Followers aren’t the end-all be-all; what’s more important in a business is having an audience that trusts you
  • 2,000 loyal followers that trust you and value your wisdom is way more valuable than 20,000 followers that don’t do anything
  • Individualization is the future of fitness.

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