HH059: Travis Chappell – Build Your Network


“People can get caught up in personal development and not put that information into action.” – Joe

“You always want to be the one adding at least 51% of value in each relationship you’re a part of.”

“Sometimes you gotta pay to play.”

Key Takeaways: Entrepreneur Travis Chappell speaks about his background and how entrepreneurship was always in his blood. Check out his thoughts on the importance of networking and the importance of constantly learning.

  • Travis’ background – how entrepreneurship was a combination of wanting to make money and the “inability to listen to authority”
  • How his first high school job in landscaping was an eye-opening experience into the value of selling and making deals
  • 6:30 Leveraging the power of other people’s work is all about working smarter, not harder
  • Why Travis Chappell took a break off of work and took 8-9 months off
  • “Personal development is about developing into the person you need to become in order to make the decisions you need to make.”
  • You have to alternate between learning and implement phases
  • How Travis got into the podcasting sphere and how he decided on his niche of networking
  • Networking was a big thing for him; when he looked at the year he was most successful, he credits his success to hanging out with people who were better than him and learning from them
  • “The money and the network is the cherry on top.” – How podcasting started with materialistic intentions and now has developed into something that Travis really enjoys
  • Give and Take – Adam Grant – recommended book
  • Travis Chappell’s podcast – Build Your Network podcast
  • Instead of always thinking “what can you do for me?” start thinking about “what can I do for you?”
  • Find ways to add value to people in your life.
  • Investments take time. You have to look long term and see what the future is going to look like. You can’t expect an overnight ROI.

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