HH051: Joseph Sheehey – The Backstory


“I knew what I was doing was wrong and I felt like I was losing myself.”

“I saw the path of my life and I knew it wasn’t the right path but I couldn’t break free of it.”

“People saw a lot of me that they liked but they didn’t see the dark side of me.”

“I finally found me.”

“I’ve done everything wrong that you could possibly do.”

[31:30] “We’re all broken but until the time that you wake up to that, you’re never going to be living life for who you are.”

“Learning from your mistakes is the only way you’re going to get better.”

“I started making myself really uncomfortable and in the midst of that, I started to see myself thrive.”

Key Takeaways: Hear Joe’s backstory…from childhood to adulthood to becoming a business owner. You’ll hear the  ups, downs, struggles and successes. Joe embraces vulnerability and holds nothing back.



  • Grew up in the most amazing family environment anyone could have asked for
  • He had an idea of who his parents wanted him to be, but he wanted to create his own identity
  • When he was young (11 or 12), he asked neighbors to do random odd jobs so that he could afford to buy things he wanted and to create a sense of responsibility
  • Health and fitness was always and important part of Joe’s life; he played sports growing up and started lighting weights at a really young age
  • When Joe was younger, he wanted to be an astronaut. Since his Dad was a pilot, he was interested in how planes flew. Math and science were areas in which he excelled, and what inspired him to be an engineer.
  • Joe grew up in a bubble so college kind of smacked him in the face.
  • [22:00] “I found myself on a bridge, on the other side of the guard rail looking down at rocks ready to jump off and end my life.”
  • Joe was hospitalized; doctors asked what he had been taking and what he had been doing. When Joe saw how his parents and family crippled at his answers, it was heartbreaking and a moment he would never forget.
  • Struggles with anxiety and depression
  • Once Joe was able to be vulnerable to his social media audience, that’s when people started really reaching out and connecting and identifying with similar problems.
  • “Nobody ever wants to talk about their darkness. Everyone feels secluded in their problems. The truth is everybody is uniquely fucked up.” – Alex
  • It connects us more when we’re willing to talk to people about our areas of darkness and our struggles.
  • When you put your real self out there when you meet people, those relationships flourish
  • When you start living your life that’s true to yourself, everything changes.
  • You don’t know how simple words can affect people — a simple word, a simple hello, a simple smile


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