HH067: Colin Wilson – Colorado Avalanche


“I could always control my effort. I could always control how much I could practice.”

“If I worked more than the next guy, that would give me the best opportunity to play in the NHL.”

Key Takeaways: This week we had the pleasure of talking to NHL’s Colin Wilson of the Colorado Avalanche. Of course we got the lowdown on how he made it into the NHL and some insight into what it’s like playing at the professional level. However, you’ll also want to check out Colin’s raw thoughts on the importance of meditation and mindfulness.


  • Recruited after his first year at Boston University to Nashville
  • The people he idolized were now the people he was playing against
  • Entering the NHL, Colin felt both fear and passion. You’re fearing not being able to make a career out of it, but the passion also takes over.
  • One of the biggest differences of collegiate hockey and NHL is that NHL is very methodical and mechanical. There’s obviously immense talent on the ice, so there also has to be a level of strategic and methodic thinking to really be able to perform.
  • Colin had a sports coach who gave instruction on thoughts, mind, and consciousness
  • Colin went to Sedona with a friend and was introduced to a breathwork and static dance ceremony. Both definitely changed the way he thought, since he was able to access a new level of mindfulness
  • Colin uses The Muse everyday – helps guide his meditative sessions
  • There’s a lot of things that you can’t control, but meditation teaches you that in those moments you have to just “be”
  • Hear about what Colin does to help take care of his body after getting beat up in games
  • Learn about both Colin’s physical and mental routine
  • The NHL league as a whole is getting younger, so it’s hard for the “older” players to know how long they’ll be playing and how it drives them to keep their game as high as possible
  • Talking post – NHL – hear about Colin’s plans for the future
  • “There’s nobody who’s giving to give you the answers outside of yourself.”
  • Everyone is human; everyone is trying to figure out their own path.
  • There’s a big difference between people who say “I have all the answers” and “I have people around me who direct me to inward thoughts.” You want to become your own guru, but you also need people around you to support you and guide you in that inward thought process.

HH066: Justin Murphy – iCoach Nutrition


“I’ve had to overcome a lot of struggles in my life, and a lot of people would look at me and wouldn’t think that.”

“Either you’re going to be complacent or you’re going to take action.”

“I’ve never been happier in my life because I know that I’m in control of my life.”

“You have to bet on yourself.”


Key Takeaway: This week, we chatter with Justin Murphy about how he was able to escape a dark path and turn it into one of success, motivation, and victory. Hear about his past and how he launched Justin Murphy Nutrition and iCoach Nutrition.


  • Hear about his early childhood and teenage years and how a lot of what he did was a way to seek external affirmation
  • He got in with the wrong crowd and started going down a scary, dark path
  • “I was taking so many drugs that I just lost myself.”
  • Hear the story of how Justin ended up in jail
  • Justin got out of jail and ended up becoming a personal trainer
  • Justin’s light bulb moment – his mentor told him he didn’t want to be a part of a bad-ass team; he wanted to create his own bad-ass team
  • Making the decisions to just DO something is the most important step. Even if you get a “no”, that’s still progress. That means you’re at least doing something.
  • A lot of us don’t really go after what we want because that’s pretty much all of us have been taught to be safe.
  • Most people learn that after school, you work for someone else for 25-40 years and then you retire and that’s the way life goes.
  • If you’re not able to go for it and give your passion everything you’ve got, you’re never going to be able to help other people in the same way that you want
  • The people in the world who are most successful are the ones who have the best mindset
  • You don’t have time for negativity when you’re trying to have a positive mindset. Don’t watch the news or gossip if you’re trying to fill your head with positive things.
  • If you have a friend who can’t adequately celebrate your successes with you, then they’re not a real friend
  • There’s a huge difference between jealousy and legitimate inspiration. A lot of people aren’t inspired by other people that are doing “better” than them. Instead, they have a negative attitude and are more jealous than anything.
  • When you do the inner work, the outer work always follows.







HH065: Lo Bondi – Finding Yourself


“I had no idea who I was.”

“Why do I feel like my enough-ness are solely dependent on my accolades and achievements?”

“I’ve never had a voice; now I have a voice.”

“I never had a voice and I never spoke my truth.”

Key Takeaway: This week, we welcome guest Lo Bondi, who shares an authentic conversation about us regarding what it means to truly find yourself. Hear about the importance of awareness and learn how Lo was able to finally find her voice.

-“What I believe in wasn’t aligning with what I was practicing my competing.”

-She was tearing herself apart and contorting her body for a group of strangers, and she knew that wasn’t in line with what she believed and what she stood for. The overarching idea of self-love is what brought her away from the competing world.

-She knew in the midst of competing that it was a toxic environment, but she didn’t realize just how toxic it was until she finally stepped away

[6:37 ]With awareness, you can make informed decisions and self-led decisions.

-Her tattoo: “And within her the chaos found balance.” – find out what this means to Lauren and how she was able to step away from disordered patterns

-You have to start by asking yourself the big questions.

-If you’re walking around and feel like even one thing if off or missing, it comes back to needing to create personal awareness to understand those feelings

-Look at yourself in the mirror, hold that gaze, and see yourself loving yourself

-People go through their lives without every listening to themselves, seeing themselves, knowing themselves

-Most people think you are defined by your relationships, your titles, etc. That’s not who you are.

-Lo gives humble insight to a previous relationship and how the unhealthy nature of the relationship was actually manifested in her physical body

-“Your body is profoundly wise and it’s always talking to us.”

-Find out why Lauren moved to Colorado and what she is doing now!

-I try to heal to the point of losing myself and losing my voice

-Hear about the philosophy of counseling according to Lauren and how her strongest talents and gifts are aligned with coaching and counseling

-If you can’t walk up to the mirror and look yourself in the eye, you can’t see yourself (truly SEE yourself)

-If you aren’t fully ready to show up for the work, nothing you try to do will stick.




Instagram: @laurenbondi


HH064: Aaron Alexander – Alignment


“Your body is a self-healing mechanism.” 

“The person who lives closer to their boundaries will be the one to win.”

“If you’re green, you’re growing. If you’re ripe, you’re rotting.” 

Key Takeaway: This week, we were stoked to chat with Aaron Alexander, creator of Align Therapy. We got his backstory starting from childhood through embarking on a successful career. Plus, you’ll definitely want to hear some of his philosophies on the importance of posture and alignment and how they affect overall health.

-Aaron talks about his childhood and family dynamics and how he faced adversity from early on

[5:30 ]Sometimes to get to the point of the “kink”, you have to drop the self-ego attitude

-Everything has value until it gets past the point of healthy, and that’s when things can become bad

-When you live and move in one way for a while, it becomes less and less challenging. This is true in regards to social, physical, mental habits. You’re not allowing yourself to adapt.

-You don’t always need to know where you’re going; you just need to know your edges.

-Aaron discusses the difference between being “into” fitness and being really insecure

-Even if there are a lot of insecurities, the thought of being able to put in work to transform your body, is a huge confidence booster

-You are a product of your stories and your success and failures, but you are NOT defined by your stories and your successes and your failures

-Hear about Aaron’s meditation practice and his 10-day meditation experience

-Learn about some of the anatomical and physiological benefits of meditation

-Hear about Joe’s transformative experience in Tulum and how he was able to learn about releasing stored energy

-Your body is integrated into various positions. We keep ourselves in predominantly protective positions, from an evolutionary standpoint.

-Through your posture, you are always practicing how you feel. And you can practice how you feel through your posture. It can go both ways.

-Animals in the wild physically release stress after they’re faced with dangers. That release is necessary. Humans don’t often take the time to healthily release negative emotions and process those feelings when bad things happen.

-People need to find their release. That release needs to happen.

-Most of us can’t control how we feel because we can’t break through that superficial layer of our lives

-“Your body has the capacity to heal itself if you have the wits about you to get out of the way of yourself.” – we don’t trust ourselves

-Hear Aaron’s philosophy behind Align Therapy

-Small but consistent changes are much more of a “victory” than one huge illuminating moment


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HH063: Mark Sloan – Take a Chance


“I didn’t have a backup plan. I was all in.”

“I had to work hard, get my head down and just allow my actions and my performances to earn the right of a locker room.”

“Is this something I really want to do? Or is this something someone else expected me to do?”

“You never know who is watching.”

Key Takeaway:  This week, hear from Mark Sloan about how he took a chance and left behind a successful professional soccer career to pursue his passion. Plus, you don’t want to miss an amazing story about a stranger in a coffee shop who gave Mark an amazing gift. Check it out on this week’s episode.

  • Hear about how Mark started out in soccer and how he was able to start playing professionally at age 16
  • Soccer was a risk – he traded in education and university for soccer. Hear about how this choice affected him and how failure along the way didn’t shut him down or stop him.
  • His first big failure was when his contract was suspended at age 18, and even though it was a huge failure in that moment, it taught him so much and it made him learn more
  • He was picked up by Belgium – this was the very first time he had ever left home.
  • Hear about how there was constantly the need to juggle between locker room camaraderie and also fierce competition
  • After experiencing living and playing in Belgium, he made a confident decision to go play and live in the United States
  • “The first coach to reply to me is the first coach I’m going to go with.”
  • You never know what will stem from one conversation or one thing you said to someone. If you’re not present in the moment, you can miss so many of these opportunities.
  • “Am I doing it for myself or am I doing it for other people?”
  • Mark confidently made the decision to walk away from soccer and instead focused on a brand new path
  • Mark started Young Tribe
  • One of the scariest things Mark has to face is being an Englishman in America – visa situations are tough and he never knows what the future looks like
  • “Not knowing what the future looks like is making me live in the present more than ever.”
  • Hear Mark’s story about a stranger in a coffee shop who gave him an amazing gift
  • If you just believe something and put yourself in the moment, anything is possible


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